How To Blow Up The Internet

Dear Insane Children, 

Here’s “How To Blow Up The Internet In Three Easy Steps” by Joey… 

Step 1: Draw Alice

Step 2: Give Her Blue Eyes

Step 3: <unable to fetch step three – disconnected from network connection>

….. bzzzzzzt

Thanks, Joey! 

The main image (top) is Joey’s original illustration. Below that (above) is an edited version from Omri. This illustration depicts Young Alice in the first scenes of the game and will be one of the first images you see in the Alice: Design Bible. 

That’s a snipped from Monday – where the task was original described and assigned. Alex drew a placeholder sketch to give some sense of what the final image might look like. 

Of her latest illustration (main image, above) Joey says: 

At first I want to show the trees with snow gathered on their branches, then I feel that’s too normal, so I made those snow melt like ice, shall be much prettier.

I didn’t add too many stuff here in this image, but I am wondering, maybe we hang sth. on those icy trees, like christmas tree, some weird stuff? I feel that might be too crowded for a single image, so I kept the trees clean, just put some item on the snow, and blood stains, too. I can take them off if you still feel “too crowded”

And Alex and Omri chimed in with feedback about the feet (blue) and other elements… but no one mentioned anything about the EYES BEING BLUE. Wtf, ya’ll? That’s going to make people go CRaZY!

So I’ve told them to fix that for the final version. But here’s Blue-Eyed Alice to make you all go nuts for a while. Enjoy it (or not) while it lasts. 

Design Bible Update + Live Stream 

Oh, and Alex just sent me a big new update on the Design Bible – here’s a sample page… 

And we’ll go through that on the Live Stream tomorrow. Usual time and place. 

And I’ll upload that new Design Bible PDF here on Patreon in a separate post before the Live Stream. 



LOTS to cover. See you there! 

From Shanghai with Blue Eyes, 


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