It’s a Mine! It’s a Forest! It’s a Tree!

Dear Insane Children, 

Alice’s mind is a strange place. It features the sort of “logic” you and I only experience in dreams. A room seen from one direction is just a room. But turn in the other direction and it magically expands to become an entire building. Our brains blend the borders between distinct objects so that the separation between concepts melts into a Soup of Everything. 

Omri’s working on images for the Memory Mines section of Alice: Asylum. And he sent over some ideas for The Dormouse (main image, above) and the Control Room where Dormouse and March Hare might run their operations. 

He says of this stuff… 

I had a few thoughts about the location of these two and about the elements for the gameplay.

First- i made the designs, i keep imagining these two guys- probably not in the same room and probably inside some complex structure. like maybe they are already inside of the robot from the beginning and when the times comes the player sees it’s a robot but from afar it’s like a random control room. Generally- 2 separate control rooms, identical rooms. i thought each element, hear, see and move should be part of the room and have it’s own elements for the world.


I’d consider moving this whole world to be inside of a forest.

Yes have mining, yes have gigantic holes but have a lot of trees and greenery with chaos tentacles connected / used within the gear, like i did here with the room. it starts as tubes but then turns into tentacles. a mashup of a rainforest and mining areas will look new and fresh. trees can have elements like the memory tree. trees can be harvested as well as the soil and the essence of the memories. like it’s harvesting Wonderland and infecting it as it goes.

having the location be like you guys wrote- the mining and hatter, it’s 1:1 exactly what was in AMR. i think we can do better although it does work well.

If this is approved Alex i can separate elements into pngs but i wanted to show you first this so you can discuss it and tell me if there’s need for more design work / art on this task.

Sounds like a cool idea to me. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

From Shanghai with Hares and Meeses,


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