The Depths of Memory

Dear Insane Children, 

Joey has turned in another beautiful illustration from the world of Alice’s imagination. This image captures some of the ideas we’ve discussed for the Memory Mines “maw” section – a place where recycled memories are pulled up into the roots of a tree… The Tree of Imagination perhaps. And those memories are used to fertilize Alice’s imaginings. 

The image Joey provided does not properly capture the notion of this area I was aiming for. But I’ve let her and Omri know that this is good enough for now. It does manage to contain several of the key ingredients that make this area unique… so it’ll do for now. 

Meanwhile Jen is working on a new Plushie Dreadful design based on the idea of Depression / Numbness. The idea here is that this flat, lifeless bunny will contain a notebook into which you can scribble your thoughts and feelings… 

This continues our efforts in exploring bunnies with emotional/psychological themes. Let Jen know in the comments below what you think of this idea! 

And Adam continues to crank out stunning imagery from the memories of Adult Alice as they explored by Child Alice. In this latest image we see a scene of mixed elements from the Home from Wayward Children alongside the Infernal Train. Wonderful! 

On the Biz Dev front… we’ve had some good movement this week. Mysterious officially brought on a CFO to help guide the process of fundraising alongside the project we’re putting together with Redacted 1 (Chinese Publisher). And Redacted 1 now has the latest Oz: Adventures / Mysterious Studios planning and budget stuff in hand… so we’re hoping to see movement towards getting that deal done in the coming weeks/months. Fingers crossed! 

In a few hours, I’ll drive west for 3 hours to an area called Moganshan for a 2-day man-cation retreat. Hoping to enjoy some hiking, swimming, and relaxing away from the constant (but lovable) “da! da! daaaaaa!” of Lucky 😉 Might post a few pictures to my Instagram account in case you’re interested to see what that area looks like. 

From Shanghai with Da Da Daaaa,


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