Lost In Umbraland

Dear Insane Children, 

Normally we’d have a Live Stream tomorrow at the usual time – we try to host them every other week. But I’d like to request that we skip this one. Why? Well, Yan is taking Lucky and Grandma on a short trip to nearby Suzhou. Martin is apartment hunting. And I am deep in Umbraland, sorting out the ending of the story for Alice: Asylum. If we skip the Live Stream tomorrow it means I can have a day on my own (alone!) to focus on writing. And Martin can continue his search for the next Font Manor. 

So… no live stream tomorrow! 

But we will be back next week on the 24th (23rd in the USA). 

In the meantime, our art team continues to crank out beautiful illustrations for the scenes we’re writing. The latest from Omri (main image, above) shows The Vale of Tears under the influence of Shadow Alice (Umbraland). 

Adam is working on an illustration capturing the moment Alice pushes Bumby under the train. This will be relived in the Memory Mines by Child Alice. It’s obviously a critical scene so there was a bit of discussion about which variation might be best… 

Let us know in the comments which is your favorite – A? B? C? or D?

And Joey is working on The Memory Tree – an important location in the Vale of Tears where all of Alice’s imagination springs forth. 

We can review all of this stuff – and maybe even have a narrative overview for review – when we do the next live stream. Yay! 


Shy Rabbit was launched over in the Mysterious Shop for those of you interested in her. 

You can check her out HERE

Jen and Yan are doing some really fun stuff for the upcoming Plushie Dreadfuls. Will share their design ideas soon. 

From Shanghai with Quiet Days Ahead, 


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