In Fight Entertainment – Why is A:MR in the Top Ten!?

Dear Insane Children, 

Did you know “Alice: Madness Returns” is in the Top 10 over on Xbox Game Pass?!

Totally insane! I just tweeted that EA might actually notice… if everyone jumps in and pushes it into the #1 slot. So… got Game Pass? Jump in and give it a shove! 

Narrative Outline News

A huge THANK YOU, to everyone who read and provided feedback on the Narrative Outline. We’ve collected tons of feedback and are really happy with the results of this process. A couple of points to take away: 

1) Your feedback is GREAT. Lots of good points were made. Much of it aligned with things we already planned on addressing or improving. Quite a few suggestions related to things like foreshadowing and plot development made a lot of sense. And we will be incorporating a lot of your feedback and ideas into the next revision. 

2) The Narrative Outline is now in the hands of R.J. Berg, my writing partner on the first two games. He’s tasked primarily with “script doctoring” and dialog. And he told me this morning he expects to have his first round of notes/suggestions done in ~2 weeks. 

3) The Art Team will begin working on tasks related to items contained in the Outline that we feel comfortable will be in the Design Bible. 

Art Team Tasks

Alex has put together a massive list of art tasks related to the Outline. That document is attached to this post. BUT BEWARE – THERE ARE SPOILERS CONTAINED WITHIN!!! Do not open or read that document if you don’t want to encounter spoilers. 

Without ruining anything, I can tell you: That document is 23 pages long and contains 140+ individual requests for artwork. These are necessary to illustrate the Design Bible. And we expect that the work will take 3~6 months to complete. 

While that work is underway, we will continue to refine and work towards completing the Narrative Outline. With the Narrative Outline complete, work can resume on the Design Bible itself. Woo!

TLDR; Expect to see a ton of new art flowing through the pipeline soon. 

Like the awesome image (top) from Adam depicting the boss battle between Alice and the Jabberwock. 

From Shanghai with Top 10, 


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