A Live Stream of Difficulties

Dear Insane Children, 

If you managed to catch yesterday’s live stream when it was… er, live, then you’ll know we experienced technical difficulties galore. No idea what caused them… since the PC we use for streaming literally sits sleeping between streams. You’d think that if nothing changed on that machine then there’d be no problems. Right? Well, my friend, you have no idea the miraculous power of destruction contained within the thing called “Windows Update” – which apparently wakes your sleeping computer and forces “updates” on it all without anyone’s permission. Anyway… 

Here are the recordings – yeah, two recordings – of the stream yesterday. There’s a break in the middle where we had to shut everything down and start it all back up again. Fun. 

Part 1  

Part 2 

I did include a fairly detailed and lengthy explanation/update on our Business Development efforts. If you want to hear that, click on this link… 

BD Update Section  

Nothing super exciting is contained in that BD update – but there’s a lot of effort being made on BD these days. And there is progress. So, yay for that. 

As promised, the full illustration from Omri called “Shadow Reflection” is attached at the top of this post. We’ll likely make this into an art print at some point soon, yeah? 

That’s it for today. Lots of great things happening. And I really appreciate all your support in helping us get there. More to come next week! 

Mysterious Stuff

Yan and Jen have added a ton of fun new products to Mysterious lately, including an Anxiety Rabbit Pullover Set, an OCD Bunny, a Numb Bunny, and more! 

You can hit THIS LINK to check out all the new items in the shop.

From Shanghai with Love,


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