Reflections of Abuse

Dear Insane Children, 

Adam sent over a follow-up sketch to the previous post. This combines some of the elements from those images to present a surreal scene in which everything terrible Alice experienced in the Asylum is reflected back to her in one terrifying moment. 

There’s a question of which of these should be fully illustrated. But first, Adam says of these: 

I have two ideas that could tie all these visuals together into an artistic and elegant composition, namely a shattered mirror.

Idea one:
??So the entire poster is a broken mirror, each broken piece acting like a screen that’s showing a different traumatic memory. In the middle we would see the reflection of Alice screaming, her face broken apart by the cracks of the broken mirror, symbolizing her psyche breaking.

?Or she would be in front of the mirror , so that it only acts as a background

?Idea two: Alice is kneeling on the floor, screaming, entering hysteria, while the memories appear around her, in a form of multiple, round mirrors, made of tarry substance (similar to tentacles) that float and revolve around Alice so that she can’t break free from them.

?The first idea is much closer to what Alex proposed, though I wanted to share both my ideas as food for thought. What do you think?

So let him know in the comments below what YOU think!

Omri had an idea… 

And says…

B is great but i think This shows the MANY memories.
?a TON of mirrors.. what do you think?

And Alex said… 

Both of these are brilliant. Here are my thoughts.

?I think (B) communicates the ideas of memories and experiences of the Asylum clearer. I would prefer to see that one rendered.
?It might just be from the amount of physical space you have to communicate/render the abusive memories. You can see more of them.

?Showing the reverse of the mirrors ?in (A) I think limits that side of it also.

For me… I really like Omri’s idea. But I also said I love both of these sketches so much that I want to see BOTH of them rendered fully. 

Let us know in the comments below your thoughts! 

From Shanghai with Madness, 


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