Reborn Again

Dear Insane Children, 

Another trip around the sun for me – today (December 13th in the USA) is my 49th birthday. Woo.

And it’s an excellent birthday too! I am VERY HAPPY with where life is these days. Surrounded by a happy family, supported by wonderful Insane Children, making tons of great art, design, story, and plush toys.

And I happen to know that we’re going to announce something very cool in the next few days… 

Due to that announcement, I want to postpone this week’s live stream. Save it for next week – that way we can dedicate a large portion of the stream to discussing that announcement and what it means for everything we’re working on. 

We’ll also have lots of great art to discuss. Like the Final Version of “The Christening” from Omri (main image above). Glorious! 

And some really amazing Work In Progress stuff as well like this Alice + Queen boss fight:

In the meantime, I hope ya’ll are having a great week. 

From Shanghai with Love, 


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