The Art of 2022

Dear Insane Children,  

Font Lord here wishing you all a Happy New Year.
Hope it’s all going swimmingly so far.

You know how this goes by now   🙂
We would like you to Choose 5 of your favorite pieces of art from the images below.  

Then when the votes are tallied, the winners will become the next 6 prints for Patrons in 2022. Although we do have the right to change things up if we need to, but we’ll give you plenty of notice about that if it happens.

So, please only choose your favorite 5 and then next week when most people have voted, we can make another art print post, detailing which 6 prints are coming in the first half of 2022

(Yes, I know there is no “E” and “I” selection, just roll with it)

– Cheers

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