2022 Starts with a ROAR!

Dear Insane Children, 

Wow! We’re off to a great start. Roaring into the Year of the Tiger!

Alice TV Series Deal

First, for those who missed it: Radar Pictures has brought on board David Hayter to write and develop a TV series for “Alice” – you can read more about that via a Google Search. Tons of articles out there to choose from. 

David has already started work on his vision for the TV series and is aiming to finish his pitch presentation around the end of March. He’ll then take it to the usual list of streaming services to find a home (funding, etc). He’s signed on for a year to make all of this happen – so I have high hopes we’re going to see something get done this time. 

I mentioned this before but it needs repeating: This deal happened because of you. When Radar approached me last year to talk about “Oz: Adventures” and our other projects – it was because of the work we’re doing here on Patreon and the live streams where we share our progress via YouTube and Twitch. The Radar team saw our work and reached out – after which we signed a deal for “Oz” and they picked up the rights to “Alice” (for film and television).

None of that would have happened if you weren’t supporting us here on Patreon. 

You have solidly proven the power of the crowd and what happens when fans get behind something they love. So, again, THANK YOU. Job well done!

Top Three Most Ask Questions Re: the Alice TV Deal

1. Will it be live-action or animated? A: I believe David is aiming to make this a live-action show. He worked on “Warrior Nun” most recently (co-writing and producing) – so check out the TRAILER for that to get a sense of his magical action-drama abilities. 

2. Will American (that’s me!) be involved? A: I can’t talk about the specifics of the deal just yet (always with those pesky NDAs and whatnot) – but I can say that I’ve already been involved and have also been offered official involvement with a credit/title on the TV show. So, yes. It looks like I’ll be involved. 

3. Where’s the GAME?! A: No news just yet on how this impacts the development of a new game. But I have always said that once we pitch this to Netflix, Amazon, HBO (etc, etc – long list of potential homes for this project) – that we’ll likely see movement on a game deal. Either one of those companies (all of which have game development aspirations and funds) or EA will step in and make something happen. And, as I’ve also said before, we’re in a great position to define what the next game will be based on the work we’ve done here on Patreon. 

Alice Design Bible Work

Our pre-production team (made possible by your support) continues their work on the Design Bible under the guidance of Alex. He’s mapped out all of the elements required to push towards a final Design Bible being delivered by the end of 2022. Still a TON of work to be done but it’s in good hands. 

There will be another giant post on this topic shared later this week where Alex will outline everything he has in store… Suffice to say he’s working on some awesome stuff: 

And as you can see from the Main Image Above – beautiful artwork is still being produced to illustrate the pages of the Design Bible. That image is of Alice witnessing the murder of The Knave at the hands of Shadow Alice. Another incredible illustration by Adam. Ouch! 

OZ: Adventures

And while the Alice: Asylum team continues forward on their mission – I am starting a Side Quest to deliver a pitch to Radar for “OZ: Adventures” as a TV series and game. 

That’s a Flying Monkey Castle… illustrated by Gareth. I’ve kidnapped him to work with me for a while on Oz art and he’s creating some really inspiring work. 

These are sketches of the Winkies – inhabitants of Oz that we’ll meet early in the first episode. 

That first episode is “Conquistadors In Oz” – and finds a band of Spanish explorers landing in Oz thinking they’ve discovered Rico de Oro (Rich in Gold) Island or some other mythical land. But when they try subjugating and murdering the local population (per their usual MO) they quickly find they are no longer in Kansas… and all that implies. Let there be blood!

Live Stream This Week 

There WILL BE a Live Stream this week. As you can see, we have a TON to catch up on!

Usual time and place. That’s Thursday @ 6PM PST if you are in the USA.

You can find links to my Twitch and YouTube Channels via linktr.ee/americanmcgee 

Be sure to post your QUESTIONS and feedback in the comments below. Bonus points if you use the QUESTION: format to highlight when you are asking a question – Martin will thank you for that! 


Speaking of Martin… he asked me to remind everyone that there will be a DELAY in all things related to Three-for-35, Surveys, and Art Print shipping. This is a result of us just coming out of an extended holiday for the Chinese New Year. Please allow for a bit of extra time before you start to worry about or send questions related to surveys, shipping, etc. 

If you do have questions or concerns related to those things, be sure to send them to us on Patreon via PM – don’t post them in the Comments or Community section, please. 

That’s it for today’s post… but more on the way! 

From Shanghai with Love and Appreciation, 


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