Early HUD and UI – Design Notes from Alex

Hi everyone,
Alex here. I am the Design Lead amongst other roles for the Alice: Asylum pre-production project.

My work on the Design Bible last year was focused on delivering the best possible narrative experience for Asylum. From the feedback American and I have received, we’ve achieved that to a suitable level to proceed.

My work is now focused on presenting key gameplay concepts in the earliest chapter of the DB before the narrative experience begins. Then, I’m typesetting the remainder of the design bible content to create the expected 250+ page finished monster document this year. 

We are in the middle of creating a broad stroke chapter, that will help push and educate anyone to a sufficient level if they’ve never picked up and played an Alice Game before. 

We answer; What to expect? What is the gameplay loop? What the hell is a Bumby?

While that knowledge might be redundant to everyone who is already a Patron (we all know what a third-person game is and how wicked Alice games are), presenting this information in a concise way for potential investors is another job for the Design Bible to perform as a sales tool.

So, that’s what’s cooking currently. And we’ll have more to share soon.

For now, as an extension of this foundational work in the DB, the video at the top of the post shows some of the early work I’ve just completed.

A first pass, early days, but I feel these designs communicate the information needed.

A few early HUD concepts for; Health, Rage/Hysteria special states, A New “One-Hit Shield” Mechanic, (represented by the rose), and a very early Weapon Wheel.

So we’re sharing them here as they’re fresh out of the oven.
Have a look, watch the video, (volume on please), and drop your thoughts in the comments. 

The visual style draws inspiration from some classic games that came before and some remixed elements of Madness Returns.

I wanted it all presented in a legible, concise, and very “Alice” way for Asylum.

Much more progress is being made in other areas in the DB.
I’ll be dropping more updates shortly with more new design-orientated Alice stuff as soon as they’re ready.

See you in the threads!


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