We got sealed inside!

Dear Insane Children, 

Well, much as I predicted… the lockdowns have arrived in Fengxian! We could see the wave rolling towards us over the past few days – all of Yan’s friends around Shanghai one by one reporting that they were being locked down. 

Btw, stop trying to click the Play Icon on that picture… it’s a screengrab of a video. Haha! If you want to see the video – it’s not very interesting – click HERE

So… nothing to be worried about. We can’t go in or out of our housing compound for a few days. They’ll test everyone during that time. And assuming everyone becomes back “negative,” they’ll open the gates again. In the meantime, we have plenty of food. And if we need more stuff, we can always order from outside. 

Not a big deal for my family since we work at home anyway. And the neighbors I’ve talked to this morning aren’t really bothered. This is just life in Shanghai these days. 

From Shanghai in Lockdown, 


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