Confronting Radcliffe & Other Art

Dear Insane Children, 

Adam shared the final (semi-final?) version of the illustration you all voted on last week. Turned out pretty great, yeah? I saw some notes in the margins on this image that the team are still working on facial expressions… so I don’t think they consider this final-final. 

This illustration from Omri – in which Alice and Lizzie are happily reunited – is Final. And it’s also awesome. Guessing this one could become an art print in the future. 

And this collab between Norm and Omri – in which Alice fights the Card Guard Executioner (now with Chaos Tentacles!) – is also final. And also super awesome. I love when these two work on illustrations together. 

Meanwhile, a bunch of neat stuff in the Work In Progress category… 

Like this Queen & Alice Boss Fight from Joey. Woo! 

And these Nightmare Radcliffe sketches from Adam. Scary! 

A ton of great content in the pipeline. And all of this is purpose-built to fill out sections of the Design Bible. Alex is making great progress on bringing all this content together – and says he’ll have a big Design Bible update for everyone in the coming weeks. 

We obviously did NOT have a live stream (again) this week. This time the blame was on me. I got sick … unsure exactly what it was. Food poisoning maybe? But it put me in bed for a day and had me feeling weak and yuck for several days on both sides of it. Back to feeling better now… so we’ll see if we can’t make something happen next week.

From Shanghai with Love, 


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