Live Stream? YES! Today!

Dear Insane Children, 

Just a quick reminder there WILL BE a Live Stream this morning. Martin is in the house, the live stream computer is up and running, and all systems are GO! 

So, please join us over on my Twitch Channel…

You can also tune in via YouTube (probably) but note that you can’t win prizes there:

Prizes? Yes! There’s always prizes!

And we’ll go through new art, details from the Massive Update yesterday, BD updates, and more!

Amazing bit of art (main image above) from Gareth. The description for this… 

What we want to see, is grisly aftermath of how this Queen will look beheaded.

Corpse on ground or slumped in front of throne.

Alice, Knave and Rabbit plush are all mentioned in the narrative section that accompanies this new image.

It takes place after the image of the Rabbit and Alice spinning image you just completed.

Love it! 

See you in the live stream SOON!

From Shanghai with Love, 


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