2023 – “Alice: Asylum” Pitching Begins

Dear Insane Children, 

This is the start of the Next Phase of our effort to get “Alice: Asylum” funded and into development. 

This is “The Pitching Phase.” And above is the first email of 2023 sent out to the first on a list of potential investors and publishers. We’ll send people on that list the “Alice: Asylum” Design Bible and the Development Plan (a PDF put together by a major game developer – which contains a schedule, budget, team, etc). 

Speaking of the Development Plan… in the next few weeks, I expect we’ll share with you the name of that developer and some details about their team, experience, and vision for making “Alice: Asylum” a reality. They are a major component of the pitch. 

And I am *super excited* to have them on board with us. 

Do or Die 

I’ve said a few times recently that 2023 is the “do or die” year for Asylum. What I mean by that is this: 

With your help, we’ve put together a pitch for Asylum that I believe is the most beautiful Design Bible ever created. And we used that Design Bible to create a Development Plan (schedule/budget) with an established and respected game developer. 

We now have a full pitchthe materials needed to show potential publishers and investors the vision and plan to get a new game made

And we’ll take that pitch to anyone who will hear it. Game publishers, VCs, technology companies, etc. And we’ll do our best to get this project funded and into development. 


That’s the total budget we’ve estimated for the development of “Alice: Asylum.” And development will take ~3 Years with an estimated start date of January 2024 (that’s a year from now). So… if we succeed in securing funding, 2027 is the year in which development would be complete and the new “Alice” game would be launched. (I’ll share more details on this at the same time we reveal the developer we’re working with). 

But that’s a big goal. And who knows? 

Maybe we’ll land that deal this year. I’ll do everything I can to make it happen!

Or maybe it’s too much… too big? 

The next 12 months will tell. 

And this is Day 1. 

From Shanghai with Excitement, 


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