So what’s next? And the Answers to your questions..

Hi Everyone,

FontLord here.
Just wanted to also give a huge amount of love and hugs to everyone that joined us on this journey.  
Not the result we wanted but boy did we have fun, made some great friends, saw some amazing art and nailed down one hell of a story   🙂  

But some of you have written in asking about “Patreon Things” so he is a basic run down of some of that and also a little bit of a FAQ, and of course should you still have some unanswered questions after finishing this post, pop them in the comments below and we’ll do a FAQ V2

So here we go, yes, if you have currently paid for a tier ($35 or $75), you WILL still get the print/plushie associated with that tier.
Plushies and art prints are still going out (even those who have unanswered Backerkit emails for the 3x$35 tier can still fill them in and choose prints)
We will be fulfilling all that going forwards, but as you know, the prints need to be signed, and American is currently away, so there’s a bit of a delay on them being shipped.

The final Patreon print (March Patrons charged in April) is the one at the top of this post.  Titled “Cannot Help”

But will we be doing more prints going forwards?
Obviously not on Patreon, but we do have quite the backlog of fantastic art we didn’t get around to doing on Patreon, so some of those WILL be going up on sale over on Mysterious in the future.  
Not sure of the timescale or which prints, but keep checking on the Mysterious Art Page for those.



Another question is about Discord access.
We do want to keep the amazing community over on Discord going so we need to keep 1 tier alive here on Patreon. However due to some reason (a bug I have currently emailed Patreon about) we have no ability to edit/change/modify/create new Patreon/Discord tiers.
The only workaround I can currently think of is for everyone to drop to the $5 tier, that’s the current lowest tier that still has Discord access.
Then in the future, when the bug is fixed, we can edit that to $1 or create a brand new $1 tier and bump you all over to that.
So to summarize, if you still would like Discord access PLEASE CHANGE YOUR TIER TO THE $5 TIER NOW.
I will be deleting all other tiers towards the end of the week.

I hope this goes smoothly as we have currently ‘hibernated’ the Alice: Asylum page to prevent any more money being taken from you.  Shout out in the comments if you are somehow having trouble changing tiers on a hibernated Patreon page.
I expect this transition to be somewhat messy and not work exactly as planned, so please bear with us…


And now some quick fire Q&A from American…

1) “Why not just buy the Alice license from EA?”

Because you cannot force someone to sell something they do not want to sell. EA has said “no” to any and all offers to purchase, license, or work with the “Alice” IP (intellectual property) – and as the legal owners of the property, it is their right to decide what to do with it.

2) “Why did you sell Alice to EA in the first place?”

American did not “sell” Alice to EA. EA owned it automatically from the start. American created the first “Alice” game while he was an employee of EA. As is the case with almost all such work situations, any creations or inventions made while employed by a company end up the property of that company automatically.

3) “Just create a different style of game based on Alice In Wonderland since it is public domain”

American signed an agreement with EA to never develop any new game or property based on “Alice in Wonderland” and he signed over his name in association with the version that he created while at EA. That means he’s legally barred from doing anything related to “Alice in Wonderland” outside the realm of the property he created at EA.

4) “Go find another publisher” or “just Kickstart it” and similar suggestions

This does not solve the problem and just takes the questions back the #1 – it’s EA’s property and they do not desire to see it developed, licensed, funded by others, etc.

5) Is there anything we can do?

No. We’ve done everything we can to present a vision for a new game (story and design) and plan for development. EA has reviewed what we produced and decided it’s not interested in funding or allowing others to fund more Alice development. The best thing to do now is to leave it alone. That is what American plans to do.

6) What about re-releases, updates, and other platforms for the existing games?

All questions related to the existing games should be directed at EA. American has no control over these decisions.

7) Will we continue to make plushies and other things over on Mysterious?

Yes, Mysterious will continue.

8) Will you be making a hard copy of the Design Bible?

We can’t do this because we don’t have a license for it and the people who control that aspect of the Alice stuff (print) won’t even reply to our emails. 

9) What about the Alice TV show?

To the best of our knowledge, work is still happening to get a TV show made, but we’re not involved in that work and don’t wish to be. 

And there you have it.
I hope that has answered a lot of what you were all wondering?
Again, drop us a comment below if you need to ask more.
But also, do you have any ideas about what we can do going forwards to keep our community together and potentially work on other ideas?  Again, sound off in the comments, no wrong answers   🙂

Following on from all the links to the artists that American posted in the ‘bad news post’, I don’t really do a huge amount of online social stuff, I’m old and grumpy like that.  But I do still have an Instagram I post to now and then if I see something good, so why not pop over and follow?   ?
And I can also always be found doing our online support for Mysterious too!

Once again, big ole hugs from me and I’ll see you around   ?

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