Post Patreon FAQ V2

Dear Insane Children, 

FontLord here again with some more info and some more answers.

The $1 Hibernation Tier is now active.
If you are interested in still accessing the Discord and/or sending messages to this Patreon page, please move over to this tier.
This will be the one and only tier in the not too distant future.

I am not 100% sure what will happen when I start deleting tiers that people are still pledged at if you do not move.  I don’t assume you’ll be booted from our Patreon, but it’s more likely that you will remain at ‘no tier’ while still paying us the last amount you were pledged at which would just be silly and unnecessary.
Please move as soon as you are able!!

Regarding the 3x$35 tier.
If you believe you are part way into completing your 3, and we killed the tiers before you could complete the 3, please send us a message.  We will likely just have to allow you to do a PayPal transfer to complete it.
Seems the most obvious way to do things.   I have no idea how many of you will write in about this, so it might take a while doing these manually.  Please bear with me…

And now more answers from American…

1) What can we do to support American right now? He has to be going through a lot, as all of you are!

I am OK. Just taking a break from the world right now. And I appreciate the concern and the offer to help. But I’ve been mentally preparing for this moment for a long time. Because I’ve known for a very long time that “Alice” isn’t mine. As attached as I am to the property, I’ve learned to keep my distance emotionally.

The timing of all this happens to coincide with China reopening after 3 years of Covid lockdowns. During that time, we were unable to travel outside. And so the first thing I did once the borders opened was travel outside. I am now sailing with friends up the eastern coast of Australia. As many of you are aware, I love sailing and use my time at sea to recharge my batteries and refresh my mind. I am where I should be right now.

You can also follow all our socials and of course, buying something from Mysterious is always appreciated.

2) I would love to listen to a podcast from American. + keep streaming/lets plays? Twitch channel is still very Alice themed at the mo.

It’s too early for me to decide on something like this. There are parts of me that really just want distance from the online world in general. But let’s wait and see how things look once I return to land.

3) Is there any possibility of an Alice plushie getting made?

The most I can get away with at this point is art prints which I autograph. The reason is that autographed prints are sold for the autograph and not really for the art print itself. There’s a long tradition of Hollywood and the games industry allowing actors, writers, and others to engage in this sort of thing. So, I’ll sell autographed art prints… at least until someone (EA) tells me to stop.

4) I would love it if the Patreon page converted over into something that revolves around supporting Mysterious and any future creative endeavors the team might pursue.

If we do continue any sort of crowdfunding for any other projects (or Mysterious stuff) it will be via a fresh page and perhaps a different platform. And it would certainly take place after some period of cooling down from the current situation. The primary reason is that I don’t want to feed the trolls who scream at me constantly about Patreon, Alice, and related funding topics. Ideally, we do not need to engage in any sort of Crowd Funding in the future.

But if you want to support Mysterious (thank you!) you can do that simply by engaging in our Crowd Design process (via social media) and by purchasing items from the shop. Super simple!

5) Are you guys still working on Oz?

It’s “wait and see” at the moment. See the above answers about taking a break and also about creating some distance between the current situation and any future projects.

6) Maybe a stupid question but is the team happy for us to continue our art and our cosplays of the game? I just would love to see the creativity continue

You are absolutely fine to keep cosplaying Alice and using the hashtags americanmcgeesalice and similar.

7) If someone wanted to print the Bible themselves at home for personal use, is that something that you’d be okay with? 

The Design Bible and Alice stuff in general is owned by EA. If you print it for personal use (not to sell) then no one is bothered.

8) I assume anything from now on in the Alice/American series is solely fan-based creations from now on? What if we wrote a book about the story to finish it?

You are free to write any Alice fanfic you wish.

I’d really love it if people could stop asking me questions about “Alice” in general. The rights are very simple – EA owns Alice and they control it. If you want to do something with the IP, you are free to do that – just like you are with all other IPs – but you get into trouble when you start trying to sell the stuff you create. Additional questions on this stuff should be directed at EA. I really want some space from “Alice” and questions related to it.  

And a final note from American…
I just want to restate that I understand how difficult this is for many of you. I am feeling the same pain and anger as many of you. And I understand that in situations like these, we often ask ourselves “what can we do” or “what could we have done differently” in order to change the outcome. It’s tough to admit right now but ultimately, we’re going to need to accept that this decision and the situation, in general, is out of our control. We are not “giving up” any more than a person who is hit by a bus is “giving up.” We did everything we could as a team and a group of fans to convince EA to let this next chapter happen. EA decided to kill the project and the possibility of any future for Alice. That decision is on them. But we can make a decision of our own – and it’s a strong decision to make – to move on. That is what we do have in our power. And it’s often one of the most difficult decisions to be made in situations like this. But it’s what we must do. So, I would ask that you join me in moving on. If you decide to stay back and continue fighting… that’s fine. That is your decision to make. I respect that. And I ask that you also respect my decision to move on. Thank you.

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