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"No colors anymore, I want them to turn black..."

The Blackening Dress was originally inspired by a raven and based off the moon which would ultimately be the location of Alice’s personal shadow.


Dress Symbols

  • Moon – Dark; represents Alice’s personal shadow and emotions out of control.


Alice's Blackening Dress symbolizes the moon and Alice's personal dark shadow. The dress has a multi-layer pointed shoulder design with a detailed ornate silver front design and a chiffon high necked collar complete with black stitching. Her long sleeves taper off towards the end as they're stopped by frilly wrist-cuffs held in place with buttons, and have chiffon cascading from the shoulders. She wears a fancy silver belt with metal rivets at the waistline and the bodice of the dress tapers to a point ending in a plethora of sparkles. Alice accessorizes with black lace gloves, a Cheshire Cat's smile necklace at her throat and chiffon hair ties.

On the back of the dress, a silver raven skull is the main feature with a noose around it, the rope trailing onto Alice's skirt. The skirt of the dress is multi-layered with rivets along the waistline, iridescent black cotton with shiny leather trim and layers of black chiffon underneath. On her lower half, Alice wears shiny latex tights with silver sparkly platform shoes.


  • In the first original concept image of the dress, there were a few notable changes. Alice’s bangs were cut flat, she wore gloves with a skeletal design, the skirt of the dress had less layers and had a moon shaped bottom along with a card guard skull on the back.

Developer Notes


Concept Art

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