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Chaos Coins are in-game collectible items linked to real world physical coins. Physical coins will be distributed to fans via Patreon, Mysterious, Crowd Funding, and other channels. Ownership of a physical coin from the Patreon promotion grants the holder a virtual coin in-game. The in-game coin will contain an owner-defined NAME and MESSAGE.

NAME and MESSAGE constraints to be defined.


- having them in-game without pulling the player out of their gaming experience. - and also giving prominence to the fans and their “ownership” of the coins in-game.

Coin Ledger

The coin information, would be stored in a “coin ledger”. This ledger, would be obtained early in-game, and would serve as a tracker of sorts that listed:

- Coin total in each chapter - how many coins have been collected - how many remained per area.


A really good way of keeping tabs on & displaying collectibles was in Super Mario Odyssey with its “power moons”.