Depression Dress

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”Life, it seems, will fade away...”

The Depression Dress is based on the idea of what is left after the fire and capturing the pure essence of the emotion, depression.


Dress Symbols

  • Unknown? – Undefined.
  • Chaos – Disorder; represents the principle becoming disruptive and breaking the laws of order.


Based on pure emotion and what’s left from the “After Fire”, the Depression Dress is a beautiful gray monochromatic dress that fades to black, torn and covered in ash and soot from coal. A brooch with the Chaos Symbol lies on the collar around her neck along with a few ruffled layers beneath it. At the center of the bodice, the fabric gathers at the bust and underneath, the shape of a reversed heart to further symbolize the depression with buttons running along the middle. On her arms are cuffed mid-length sleeves while her exposed skin is covered in ash resembling beautiful intricate tattoos. Fading into a deeper black, the bottom of the dress is also torn, unraveling, frayed and threading. Underneath the dress, she wears torn black tights with black T-bar heels.

On the back of the dress, more ash and soot is apparent, completely blackening the bottoms of hands and dress. Her back has black stitching atop where her shoulder blades are. The wrap-around bow on the back of the dress is black outlined in gray accompanied by a small gray skull at the center. Her hair is tied into a pony tail and she wears a small bow to hold it in place that exactly matches the wrap-around bow on the dress.


  • The ash and soot would be from coal, which symbolizes the “After Fire” and what’s left. Nothing.
  • The dress will bring forth to the player the experience of being depressed through Alice’s eyes.
  • While wearing the dress in-game, the world may possibly slow down, making you feel like you are moving through molasses and extracting the color from the world, making everything appear dull and monochromatic; capturing the essence of depression.
  • Yes, that is an orange bunny.

Developer Notes

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