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Title Date Link Description
Asylum: Dressed in Denial - Alice and The Alchemist's Tailor July 13, 2018 American and Martin continue their quest through the lava fields and bottomless pits of "American McGee's Alice" while musing on the insanity of fashion - or fashion for the insane. Get it straight or you'll wear a jacket. Oh, and it's a Friday the 13th stream (at least where we are)! In this stream we'll continue to discuss Alice's new wardrobe of dresses and the progress being made on Asylum. Also updates on Out of the Woods and shipping things from China. Yay!
Alice: Asylum - The Guilt Dress and the Fashion Alchemist July 5, 2018 American and Martin are back with another batch of new art, design, and narrative from Alice: Asylum. We'll take a look at the new Guilt Dress and discuss a potential redesign of the original Blue Dress. We'll also respond to your Patron questions and comments while American flails, falls, and dies his way through "Alice" with Lulu by his side. Yay!
Alice: Asylum from the Underground Lair June 28, 2018 American and Martin are back with the first ever broadcast from the underground lair. We'll continue our play through of "American McGee's Alice" while discussing the progress being made on the PPT for Alice: Asylum.
Alice: Asylum - Final Stream from the Old Ward June 21, 2018 American and Martin are back with a final stream from the old studio in the center of Shanghai. We'll review artwork from Joey, Alex, and Omri. A new version of the License PPT will be browsed. And we'll enjoy the soothing sounds of American falling repeatedly to his death in "American McGee's Much Falling Death Very Alice Game" - Yay!
Alice: Tweedles in the Asylum - Flee and RUN! June 7, 2018 American and Martin are back for more of your favorite falling-dying adventure game "American McGee's Alice." We'll discuss progress on Alice: Asylum, watch American fall repeatedly to his death, talk about "Out of the Woods," and... prizes? Lulu?
Alice: Asylum Presentation Review (EU Edition) May 30, 2018 American and Martin host a special EU time-zone live steam where the Alice: Asylum PPT in near-final format will be reviewed in real-time. We'll talk about the Asylum pitch, use of the license, overall goals for the Asylum enterprise, and more. This is your chance to provide feedback to the team and have your voice heard.
American McGee's "All Paths Lead to Death" Alice May 25, 2018 American continues to stumble around, get lost, and die repeatedly in his own creation while Martin questions his ongoing association with someone who clearly CAN'T GAME. Meanwhile the two discuss progress on Alice: Asylum pre-production and Out of the Woods production. Lulu chews on a bone and pretends not to understand what's going on. Oh, and prizes. There will be prizes.