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The transition from Slumber to Shock will be Alice Running out of the burning house into the snow outside, jumping through a window.


The realm of Shock is a Horrible nightmare where Alice's family is dying in the fire, and is a part of Wonderland but players won't be able to go back there unlike the rest of the realms. Shock is covered with Blue/cyan cold flames in a horrible storm.


Rattling and cracking floors, particles, something pretty horrifying that forces the player to keep moving otherwise the player will be swollen by the smoke and everything else. Rocks flying through the air, smoke and blue fire, explosions, fog, and mess. Shock will break Wonderland apart and create every realm into a floating island. This area Might be placed in the center of the Wonderland map - like a volcano or a floating island with a massive crater in the middle - or a sort of inside-out black hole, which is releasing fire and smoke and chaos into the world. Shock is the initial encounter with Chaos. The bomb which destroys our perceived reality and our ability to understand the who, what, where, why of everything around us.

  • Atmosphere should be "fire and Brimstone" but actually cold, it's supposed to reflect back the cleanliness of the snow outside of the house. Instead of flakes of snow it's flakes of ash.


  • The family's home is burning and inaccessible.
  • Alice has a companion, Her white rabbit doll, he will turn animated after a while, not decided yet.


  • Enlarged elements from the house will be used as walls, barriers to hide behind, climb on and so on.
Alice family photoSHOCKS.jpg


  • Enemies are Burnt versions of characters from the original Alice in wonderland book
Characters from original book "Burnt"
Shock Manifest v1.jpg
Shock Burnt Bunny Colossus v1.jpg


  • Stealth, jacks

Functions Obtained

Gameplay is Stealth; Alice doesn't have weapons besides one that is small and toss able, the Jacks from American McGee's Alice. The jacks will float in the air and will be able to be picked by Alice and gathered to use for Stealth movements. Also will be upgraded later to an actual weapon.

  • Stealth moves, Hiding, Crawling, distraction, climbing.


Alice's Outfit will be her hospital gown, once the Rabbit turns animated he'll gift her another outfit, the bunny onesie.

  • Clean Hospital Dress to the rabbit outfit.
Hospital Dress.jpg
Plush Dress3.jpg


If you bought the Bunny plush on the Mysterious store you'll get a DLC that is a variation of the Onesie to a Dress:

56 AliceHouse04.jpg


There will be a Ride in Mines nearby. She hides and sneaks around, the only exit is a cart that's sitting on a track. The surroundings is a clearing, hence when she'll run and climb the cart she will be spotted. She climbs the cart, Big Sequence, eventually she literally falls with the cart into Denial. In denial the cart can turn into a wooden deck.