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Game Opening

Fade from White - Snow drifting from a slate grey sky as the camera pans down on the Liddell House. The camera flies through a window and into Alice's room. We have Control of Alice as our Player Character.

Over the next 5~10 minutes we live a life in the day of Alice Liddell (pre-fire). This gives us an introduction to interface, controls, and Alice's backstory.

Night falls. Alice is tucked into bed and...

NOW enter into Scene 2-Frame 4 (the girls building a snowman).

That gives us the gameplay interaction at the start, slow build introduction, and the intro cinematic with transition into Wonderland.

Do I think this is final? No. But it's a great placeholder for now. And, who knows? Maybe it'll be the final intro to the game. As we go forward I'd like to explore the following: