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Alice as a cover girl

GamePro is going all-out and featuring our very own Alice on the cover of their September 2010 issue.  According to the article on their website, Will Herring will be discussing the early previews of the game during his 14-page feature.  Will visited with us in China recently to get the scoop straight from the Horse’s mouth.

In addition to the overview of Alice: Madness Returns, Will also delved into the complex world of tracking the evolution and permutations of the intellectual property of Lewis Carroll’s slightly-addled heroine from the original stories penned in 1865 on through the movie treatment at the hands of Tim Burton.

For us, it’s excellent to be able to talk about the game finally, and even better to listen to everyone else talking about it, too.  If you missed the original announcement this past Tuesday, EA released the first teaser – and we’re all in agreement that it does tease!  If there was any question about it’s impending rating, we’re hoping that clears it up.

Get ready to snatch up your copy at the end of July.

Finally, the official announcement

Today at the EA Showcase, American finally got to announce the name of the new game, Alice: Madness Returns, and also to show a spectacular 30-second teaser.

EA has now opened up the official Alice sequel website, plus there’s a Twitter account, thewhiterabbit you can follow, and we also now have a Facebook page.

How many more ways could we possibly get you the information as we start giving out more? With the embargo lifted, expect much, much more as we draw closer to some of the most exciting tidbits, like… a solid release date.

… but not yet.

Soon. SOON!

Our Man Tyler

Children Audience

“Captive Audience” doesn’t cover it.

It’s always exciting at this time of year as we watch the fun unfold at 2008’s E3. I mentioned a couple of days ago that Grimm was mentioned as part of the gallery of awesome art work in the In the Pixel exhibition, but now we’re once again having one of our artists mentioned by name. In USA Today, Tyler Lockett’s Rapunzel warranted a specific comment in the article from the exhibition’s curator, Louis Marchesano. How cool is that?!?

Could this be the pinnacle of our young hero’s success? Could there be more? Will he ever discover the identity of his arch-mnemeses? Tune in… soon… ish… to see if this is indeed the end of the line for this year’s horn-tooting. (I highly doubt it.)

If you’d like to see more coverage of E3 by the fine folks at USA Today, head on over there. Their bloggers are working round the clock to bring YOU the bestest news firstest.

Or, if you’d just like to look at the pretty pictures, you can.

In the Pixel, it’s the Bomb

Ox of Sad

he haz a sad

If you remember the Ars Technica article from June 13th, you’ll remember that they loved our artwork. In fact, one of the things that is setting Grimm apart from most other games is its uniquely stylized presentation. “It’s the Unreal 3 Engine, but you’d never know it from the style…” How many times have we heard that? Well, the upshot is that with E3 underway, Ars Technica visited our lovely name again in a gallery presentation of In the Pixel, an annual show of artwork from and for video games.

As though that weren’t enough (and this is a week late, but worth the mention),Giant Bomb gave us a happy mention in their weekly podcast of July 8th. They enjoyed saying the name “Spicy Horse” (and who doesn’t?), they found the game-play simple but engaging, and they really enjoyed how the objects in each scene morphed into their dark aspects instead of “blinking”. (We like that, too.) Each GiantBomb podcast is around two hours long, but worth the listen. If you just want to hear them talk about us, it starts at around 18 minutes or so and goes on for a few. (As yet another aside, GiantBomb.Com has a new format coming with a community-based review system for games, kind of like a wiki except much, much cooler. You’ll hear all about it in the podcast.)

Less than two week away is the launch. Do you know where your juggling pig is?

Gamasutra Talks to Rick Sanchez

The Cow Grinder

Mmmm… burgers…

Gamasutra has a great line in their description of Grimm, and it’s one I wish I’d written myself (it’s so cute):

“… In between those tellings is an unexpectedly gameplay-driven experience that is reminiscent of Katamari Damacy in its dynamic – except, instead of rolling a ball around, you are (apparently) peeing on things and filling the world with filth. In an adorable sort of way.”

That’s really what it comes down to, isn’t it? As warped and twisted and disturbing as we’re getting with each story, it’s all in “an adorable sort of way”. I’m not sure if that’s more or less disturbing…