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Another Episodic Game

From GameDaily today: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today announced their intention to publish an episodic game series based upon the upcoming Watchmen film. The game will go into more detail on the characters and so-called “masks” of the film. Watchmen is a comic story originally created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, where the world is on the brink of nuclear annihilation and “costumed superheroes” are tied intimately with the politics of the day.

PopCap Establishing Asia/Pacific Office

From GameDaily News this morning: PopCap opening offices in Shanghai. I’m wishing the best of luck to my friend James and PopCap. The highly successful developer of casual games is moving into a new office in Shanghai, with James Gwertzman in charge. The new office will help create games specific to the region.

Crytek in China?

I read on the Game Daily News this morning:
Developer Crytek , the studio behind Crysis and the CryEngine middleware, sent word today that they will be showing CryEngine 2 in China for the first time, at this year’s ChinaJoy gaming convention in Shanghai, which runs from July 17 -19.

Sounds like selling bikinis to Eskimos. Might work in 50 years when global warming has turned the arctic circle into the new Bahamas. But today?

Their managing director mentioned the growth of the market and said they’d like to capitalize on it. Of course. But what they seem to be ignoring is the fact that most Chinese gamers are located in 2nd and 3rd tier cities – playing on machines in Internet Cafes – and are lucky to have anything above an nVidia 6800 graphics card. How exactly is the world’s most advanced 3D game engine going to work in that environment?

Titan Studios – Hiring Engineers


Zeus – The other Titan

My good friend Paul Meegan has started a new game studio in the heart of Seattle’s Pioneer Square. The team is working on AAA content and technology. And they are actively seeking highly qualified engineers who have experience working with Unreal 3. This is NOT an entry level position. Considering the team and the location this is an awesome opportunity for people with the right qualifications. Hell, I almost wish I was qualified! Interested parties should contact Paul here: paul.meegan [at]