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  • Vlog #8

    The latest vlog, straight from beautiful Thailand. In this episode I continue exploring and sailing with friends Liz and Jamie. Currently hanging out at Yacht Haven Marina but planning to head out for more sailing later in the week. 

  • Vlog #7

    Latest update from Thailand. I’ve left the marina and have sailed north to meet friends Liz and Jamie about SY Esper from followtheboat. Beautiful conditions for solo sailing. Once I rendezvoused with Liz and Jamie at Ko Phanak my Internet connection vanished – so this update is a bit late.  Planning to do a Q&A […]

  • Vlog #6

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  • Vlog #5

    First vlog from Krabi in which I attack the todo list, go shopping, talk about the tide, and play with gas.  I have a few more days in the marina, during which time I’ll continue prepping the boat. Early next week I’m sailing out, and heading up to Yacht Haven Marina. Hope to cover more […]

  • Vlog #4

    The latest vlog, in which I travel from Shanghai to Krabi, Thailand.  After arriving at 4.30am, I slept for a few hours, was able to edit the final bits of this video, then struggled with uploading until the late afternoon. That’ll teach me to complain about the Internet in China!  Skipped recording new footage today […]

  • Vlog #3

    A typical Sunday in Shanghai. Sunrise, jackhammers, shopping, and dumplings.  For all my wonderful Patrons: I neglected to add your names (as promised) to the previous vlogs. Apologies for that! I’ll be sure to include you in future videos. At the same time, I’ve not yet made any of these posts paid, and don’t know […]