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  • Radcliffe Defeated (but all is well with me & team)

    Dear Insane Children,  Apologies for the radio silence. All is well! And the pre-production team continues to make excellent progress on the Design Bible.  I meant to post last week but decided to hold off because THIS WEEK we’re trying to do a big Update Post (from Alex) and a Live Stream and to share […]

  • Confronting Radcliffe & Other Art

    Dear Insane Children,  Adam shared the final (semi-final?) version of the illustration you all voted on last week. Turned out pretty great, yeah? I saw some notes in the margins on this image that the team are still working on facial expressions… so I don’t think they consider this final-final.  This illustration from Omri – […]

  • Live Stream Update (ded again) + Final Showdown“

    Dear Insane Children,  It’s funny we settled on “Insane Children” as a nickname for this Patreon group because it turns out… having children is kinda insane! Though I guess that would be something more like “child insane” – which is what I’m going over here! Actually, it’s not that bad. Just typical kid stuff. But […]

  • Crowd Design – Radcliffe & Alice Gun Scene

    Dear Insane Children,  Help us pick the best angle for this scene! You have 4 images to choose from. And here’s the description of the scene from Alex:  Art Task Briefing and Output: ?These scenes show the confrontation taking place between Alice and Radcliffe.?Once Angela’s appearance is confirmed, render her in the background of these […]

  • Queen’s Castle (now with color!) + Live Stream Update

    Dear Insane Children,  Two things today… First is: *more excellent art* such as the main image above and also this one just below…  These images are the final versions of the ones from Adam that I shared last time. Interior renders of the Queen’s Castle. But now… with color! Yay! Very lovely stuff. And I […]

  • Shadows Fall

    Dear Insane Children,  A quick update with a bunch of beautiful art…  The main image (above) is from Norm and shows Alice in a chaotic Boss Battle with the Card Guard Executioner. Expect the final render of this illustration is going to be amazing! Up next… Adam (who is now back from vacation) sent along […]