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Alice: Madness Returns @ wired.com

Madness Returns - Wired Front Page

Wired.com writer Chris Kohler did an interview with myself and RJ Berg where we talked about Alice: Madness Returns. From the article:

Wired.com: Since this will probably be many people’s first experience, I’m guessing you’re crafting the game in such a way that you don’t need to have played the original to enjoy it.

McGee: Yeah, but there’s a definite need for us to honor and answer to the existing audience, people who’ve been loyal fans to the property over the years. We’ve done our best to blend together into the story elements from the first game. This is a natural sequel, a narrative sequel to the first game. So we get back in there and people who know the first game are going to have a lot of reward in terms of seeing locations that they may have seen before, characters that they knew from the first game. But it’s certainly not a requirement, bringing this game to console for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 players, for them to have played the PC one.


1up has 1st Grimm Preview

1up Grimm Content

Grimm on the 1up frontpage

Friday the 13th is an appropriate day for the 1st-ever preview of “Grimm” to be released. Head over to 1up.com to read the preview, check out new screenshots, and best of all – see game play videos! The preview takes a look at an episode based on “The Boy Who Went Forth to Learn what Fear Was”, otherwise known as “BoyFear” (to us working on the episode anyway).

Overall the response is positive, with some concern raised about re-playability over the course of 23 episodes. To that concern, our response is: Episodes will evolve and improve over time – and we’re even able to work user comments into future episodes. So, if you see something you don’t like or want more of – let us know!

In other great news today, the guys over at Destructoid love the Grimm intro song. And apparently in spite of themselves and despite their dislike of all things “American McGee”. Way to go Grimm! Btw, the intro song was written by RJ Berg, and is sung by Roger Jackson (the voice of Grimm), with music supplied by our internal composer, Jason Tai. Just wait will you hear Grimm’s rendition of “Singing in the Rain” under a downpour of blood!

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