And then it was finished…

And so it is, after 10 weeks of hair pulling, floor pacing, and cat rubbing (what? it helps me think!), I am at once and finally finished with writing the first draft of the Oz script. Wrapped in a red ribbon it is sent flying through The Internet to land on the desks of anxious (or so I hope) producers in Hollyweird. Have I succeeded? Will they like it? Are there enough “blow shit up” scenes? Only time will tell…

Already thoughts of a “Red” movie are bouncing in my skull.

Meanwhile, I pack my bags and flee to Thailand! Flee I say!

Expect pictures and stories when I return. Don’t burn the house down while I’m gone!

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  1. I can’t frikken wait to see all the stuff planned out for Oz. Your Alice was absolutely riveting and even inspired me to start writing a novel. Now here you are, preparing another onslaught of my sleep schedule with your fascinating creations. I ought to live up to my red-head female stereotype and give you a good kick in the rear-end…but I’ll save that for your other millions of fans who want some gameage.

  2. GREAT NEWS. I can’t wait for OZ. The movies will be great no doubt, but I really want the game, whenever it gets released :). Thanks American for being a creative indivual who comes up with killer ideas for games and movies, can’t wait for BAD LA, OZ, and everything in the pipeline, cause I know it’ll be good.

  3. Hey just commenting to say that Alice undoubtedly was one of the most well thought out ideas for a game ever….any chance of it coming out for a platform instead of just being on P.C.?

  4. Must… resist… urge… to… hack… Mcgee’s computer… and steal Oz script… selling it to… the highest bidder… and keeping a copy for myself of course!

  5. That sounds great, I can’t wait for it! Good luck! I’m sure they will like it, I mean, how can they not? Really, anything you release has to be great… I can’t wait!

  6. Alice is the best game ever made! Keep up the good work American. Can’t wait for Alice (the movie), OZ, and Red Riding Hood. Thanx American for the great games!

  7. I can’t wait for a Red movie! The one image I have of Red (The basket of wolf tongues one) it awesome; an entire movie would be great! Focus on finishing what you have first though 😛 Don’t wanna end up with too much on your plate!

  8. cat rubbing huh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what kind of cat!!!!??? 😉 good luck american!!! you wont need it at this rate you’re going but it just seems like a cool thing to say…

  9. Hurray!!! Congratulations. Completing a script on time is a hard task. I’m excited to see the fruits of your labor — I am sure they will be top notch as usual.

  10. Chain reaction – listen to “Return to Oz” by Scissor Sisters. Get urge to watch “Return to Oz” again (after at least 14 years), look up at my ‘American McGee’s Oz’ Flying Monkey collectable figure… and then check out your site. And what do I read? That you’ve finished the script?! I’m incredibly excited. Good work!!

  11. Hey Mr. McGee, I like your work, and look forward to OZ. I’m an animator, and i wonder if you’d contact me. or visit my site Good luck with Oz, i wish i could watch it right now.

  12. I just finished reading the original OZ story for the first time since I was in 1st grade. There are so many characteristics of the book that can be “twisted” so to speak. For example, the poor Woodman’s story of chopping off his own body parts?! Jeebus! And the China Town where all the people are breakable? Wouldn’t want to have a bad day there. But never the less, I hope all is going well with your work. I’ll be posting more regularly from now on I think, you’re a very interesting guy to keep an eye on.

  13. My wife and I have and still play/re-play alice. I am dissappointed about the overall game industry trying to act as singleminded and pigheaded as the movie industry. Oh well.. fight the good fight and make some games. Congrats on the script finishing.

  14. So I’ve played alice…again and again…and ever since I’ve heard the rumors about a movie I’ve been on edge waiting and waiting…although I’m not a fan of SMG I’m sure it’ll be just as twisted as I expect it to be. Well, I brought up alice simply b/c if Oz has any promise of being as twisted as Alice was, I know it’ll be amazing. There really aren’t enough twisted movies/games or game movies out there and honestly my friends and I can’t wait for your movies to hit the screens and show me how twisted classics can be =D. Press forward I can’t wait…congratz on all the hard work.

  15. As of reading this post, I am watching reruns of Dead Like Me on Sci-Fi. Ellen Muth’s voice would be great for the game, seems to fit the style of Alice. She loves cats too, btw.

  16. have been waiting for word and signs of oz since i heard about it through the grapevine and saw merchandise for american mcgees oz in a suncoast video back in 2000 sometime. i even have the one screenshot from the game that i’ve been able to find set as a background on my pc desktop. i loved alice and hope to see more of the alice/oz kind of story line games come out soon. kudos and keep up the imaginative good work!

  17. so wats happenin with all these projects. WHERE ARE THEY??!

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