Bad Day LA – Euro Press Tour

Leaving tonight on a midnight flight from Hong Kong to Paris. Looks like I’ll be spending the 4th of July amongst those wussy, traitorous Frenchies. Man did we ever show them, running off to Iraq and kicking some major terrorist ass. I’ll be sure to rub their faces in how NOT bogged-down, costly, and pointless US adventures there are. Go America!

Actually, I make a pretty terrible ambassador for America, despite the fact that my name is “American”, perhaps even in spite of that fact. The truth is that over the years I’ve watched people’s first time reactions to my name go from something like, “Wow, American… that’s a really cool name.” to “F**k dude, what was your mom thinking?!”All over the world, from Japan to India, people just don’t seem to like America much anymore.

With Bad Day LA I’m trying to do my part to show the world that we’re not all “bad” Americans. After France I’m heading to Germany, then Russia. Will let you know how it goes. Wish me luck…

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  1. Russia? Hmmm…Belarus is very near. Welcom to Belarus.

  2. Good luck, and have a safe trip! (To be truthful, I’m not that patriotic either. And you do have a neat name.)

  3. i still don’t like america much but i like american, haha! take care! auoir!

  4. I am a German Fanboy of you and your work so I really want to get an autograph from you on my Alice PC Game.

    Please tell us as fast as you can when do you came to Germany and where you will be there. I really Hope Hannover (the Ex-Expo City!) 🙂

    have a nice day ^^

  5. American, I’m one of these wussy, traitorous Frenchies, and I would be delighted to meet you !
    But I’m frightened that you did not plan to came in Grenoble, did you [;¤}] ?

    Oh, and don’t worry, people are not supposed to share their governement’s opinion, even in democratic countries.

  6. Overall, thank you very much for you contributions to the gaming world. Alice was exactly the kind of game i’ve been looking for since i knew what a video game was. Keep up the phenomanal (sic) work my friend!!!!

  7. looks like you need a class in politics. Before you go off calling them “traitorous” you have to learn more about the facts. American government has been lying for years and now that they didn’t find WMDs and found out 9/11 wasn’t from AlQuaeda the US is being stupid and saying this was done for the good of all. American, just jump off a tall building and get it over with.

  8. Good day,

    I was intending to post what you would describe as “negative bullshit”, but then I discovered that you have a zero-tolerance policy on opinions that differ from your own. How like an American Liberal. Shame about the liberty part.

    Yours in solidarity,

    Thought Police

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