Double Fusion, Vykarian Partner For 3D Ads

Gamasutra – Double Fusion, Vykarian Partner For 3D Ads
In-game advertising firm Double Fusion has announced that it has entered into a partnership with 3D art production firm Vykarian to make available 3D advertisements to Double Fusion’s clients. This agreement and associated technology will allow marketers to place actual products or other 3D models (like storefronts or celebrity avatars) as part of in-game advertising campaigns.

I strongly believe that advertiser funded game content has the potential to radically improve the way that video games are funded, developed, and distributed. Bottom line for consumers: more and better games for less money. Combine Double Fusion’s industry changing disruptive technology with Vykarian’s large-scale China outsourcing, and you get huge potential for positive change.

4 responses to “Double Fusion, Vykarian Partner For 3D Ads”

  1. Why give back to the customers when you can keep the extra money yourself?
    I don’t see why they would drop the prices.

    ps, can you add `body {background: white;}` to your css.

  2. So could this mean for indie developers, that if we can find advertisers, we could offset the costs of engine liscensing, etc? If so, this is very exciting, and I hope I can get my ideas started up as such.

  3. I’m not sure how I feel about advertising in games. Quite frankly i’m rather surprised that you’re so jonesed about it. I mean, while it makes sense, it’s rather infuriating. Is there no last vestige of modern society where the populace isn’t subject to advertisement? I like to buy and play games, not commercials. In most cases, even advertisements for a game are uninfluential as I think most players have expressed an interest in a game throughout the development stage, much like your readers here are anticipating the release of BDLA. Not after having seen a commercial. I don’t know. Cheaper isn’t better and I could see some developers getting way carried away with the lure of money from advertisers. I guess it depends on how it’s done. If it involved humor (think Shrek 2 and Starbucks) and lacked hubris, I guess it would be okay. But all I forsee are giant Coca-Cola billboards in cityscapes, etc. – whilst realistic, that’s not the kind of realism I’m going for when playing a game.

  4. I think there is a real problem that need to be solved before your idea become pretty good.

    I can’t find it anymore, but I remember a picture from BDLA showing an obese zombi exploding, with lots of hamburgers getting out of his stomach. How much do you think Mac Donald or Burger King would pay for this kind of advertisement ? I guess they would better sue you for having named the fast-food in your game by their names !
    Games need to stay free from pression from society, so there is a need for a way to sell “anonymous advertisement plot”, don’t you think so ?

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