Red and Wolf

Concept artist Lin Ran cranks out yet another beautiful fairy tale inspired Grimm image. Check it out below.

Red and Wolf

10 responses to “Red and Wolf”

  1. It’s a very flat picture.
    It doesn’t have the pizzaz the Alice concept art did.
    It’s not scary at all, nor hard to look at…it doesn’t invoke any real terror.
    I think it’s beautifully rendered though.
    But what do the kids want? Something sharp and twisted, Victorian…something more like Alice.

  2. Lin Ran really knows how to capture the aura that has surrounded the name “American McGee” since Alice came out. I love the added touches, such as the lizards (newts?), and the daemon toys in the open drawer.

    Cannot wait till the Alice movie comes out.

  3. I love your work.
    Can’t wait to see Alice the movie

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