Monster Store

Lin Ran cranks out yet another beautiful concept image for the Grimm project…

Icky Shop

9 responses to “Monster Store”

  1. I think Lin Ran is really great.
    and the image is getting more and more interesting.

  2. I wish that you will get more talented staffs like Lin to help you realize your dream in China for the coming Chinese New Year. Berry

  3. It has been a tough decade so for software engineers in California. Only recently I was able to build a computer to game on, the last machine wasn’t even able to run Quake II at a resonable resolution. Only three days ago I was finally able to install Alice and run it at maximum settings.. I was totally blown away by the content, puzzles and characters. After I found this blog today I used the links to order Scrapland and Bad Day L.A. American, you’ve given me the greatest gaming expirence I’ve had to date and I cannot wait to dig in to all the content you’ve created since 2000. I am excited about your films and I hope the film studios treat your vision with more respect than they did Douglas Adams’!

  4. Looks great American! Great stylized vision. I’m loving it! I just left Hong Kong as you were getting there man. I’m a huge fan of Shanghai though. -Russell Hughes

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