Dirty Baby

Since yesterday was my birthday, I figured it would be appropriate the post a baby today.

Dirty Baby

Human characters like this baby often get re-used between episodes in Grimm. Unless the character is visually or narratively unique – like a Red Riding Hood or Cinderella – we don’t see much point in wasting effort on modeling tons of individual characters. Villager001 can stand in for “guy fishing” most of the time.

That being said, one of the great things about Grimm is how visually distinct each new episode is. For each episode our artists produce close to 70 new models – buildings, characters, plants, animals, and other miscellaneous items.

5 responses to “Dirty Baby”

  1. Well Happy Birthday for yesterday American! Hope you had an awesome day!!

    Justin (from South Africa)

  2. little late, but anyway, best wishes.
    I admire your art, first heard of you
    when I was playin your alice- liked it a lot.
    so keep up-
    art does not exsist, art is you
    smukc, slovenia, eu

  3. Happy belated birthday, American. Every one of these posts makes me more excited for the game. Any ideas about making toys out of any of the characters/models?

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