Grimm – Episode 2 – Red Riding Hood

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Has it already been a week since we launched Grimm Episode 1?! Man, time flies when you’re releasing weekly episodic content. The response to the first episode has been overwhelmingly positive, with an expected dash of “what the hell is this” criticism tossed in for good measure. All in all a very successful launch of the weirdly innovative little product known as Grimm.

The team here at Spicy Horse has continued to crank on production for upcoming episodes. And now we’re able to start thinking about feedback from YOU, the audience. So, here’s a bunch of random stuff we’re hearing and thinking about:

1. LOTS of confusion over the distribution/pay structure for episodes. Frankly, I think the press outlets are mostly to blame for this. Note how IGN’s Jimmy Thang bungles it when he states, “The first episode of this new adventure series is free on GameTap, but its sequels will not be free.” Wrong. I’ve yet to see more than a handful of reviewers who correctly communicate the model. I don’t know if that’s because they aren’t being fed the right info, or if because the model is so mind-numbingly innovative it causes brain failure. Anyway, the model is this: Episode 1 is TOTALLY FREE FOREVER EVERYWHERE (not just on GameTap). Consider it the Grimm demo. Future episodes are free for 24 HOURS after their initial release on GameTap. Then they become available for a variety of pay methods (subscription to GameTap, single episode purchase, alternate distribution streams, etc). As for how we’re going to repair the “instructions” related to this aspect of their product’s design… only repeated communication of the facts will do the trick. I’d ask that industry press outlets try to help us reinforce the true nature of the distribution model.

2. The game is too EASY, SHORT, CASUAL. The only issue I have with this statement is the “too” – as it creates a subjective opinion. The truth is, the game is designed as a “casual game”. Sure, we used the Unreal 3 engine to develop it, so call it a “next gen casual game” if it makes you feel better. Anyway, the whole point of episodic is to evolve the episodes based on user feedback. So here’s what we’re going to do about “too casual” – in future episodes you’ll see more use of power-ups, areas tuned for more challenging “transformation game play”, and more emphasis on classic platform game mechanics. But try to keep in mind: If you don’t like simple, casual, short games – you might not like Grimm. He won’t like you either. No hard feelings.

3. Much love of the Grimm transformation process, art style, story elements, etc. And some suggestions for improving these aspects of the game and/or linking them more tightly together. We hear you and want you to know: changes should be expected. You’ll see gradual improvements to many aspects of the game art, story, and mechanic over upcoming releases.

If you have thoughts on improving the game or criticism, please post it here in the comments, or head over to the forum on or forum on to discuss with others. We look forward to your feedback!

OH! And most importantly – Episode 2 is OUT NOW and available for free during the first 24 hours! Go check it out on GameTap. This week: Red Riding Hood

Episode listing update:

A Boy Learns What Fear Is AVAILABLE NOW!
Little Red Riding Hood AVAILABLE NOW
The Fisherman and His Wife Coming August 14
Puss In Boots Coming August 21
The Girl Without Hands Coming August 28
Godfather Death Coming September 4
The Devil and His Three Golden Hairs Coming September 11
Beauty and the Beast Coming September 18

4 responses to “Grimm – Episode 2 – Red Riding Hood”

  1. I enjoyed the first Game and would love to play the rest but i am not able to due so, I am from the United Kingdom and GameTap only do payment to USA and Canada. Im a Big fan of all the work McGee has done and played the games many times over and over. Its a shame i will not be able to see the rest of these and many others i know who played it woun’t be able to play them either

  2. I have so far really enjoyed the Grimm releases, simple game play mechanics do not always have to equal a bad game… especially with cool art/story/good execution behind it.. I am a little curious why this project took so many years but?? ehh.. I will ignore that and just enjoy it for what it is, which is good none the less!

    I was a little disappointed with red riding hood as it seemed like maybe it was created before A Boy Learns What Fear Is.. I am not sure why I felt this way exactly but perhaps because it seemed a bit shorter – a little less explorative – a little less polished – and I was hoping to see some sort of new elements incorporated. but still enjoyable but not as enjoyable as the first but thats just my opinion.. I figured I would like Little Red Riding Hood more since well its Little Red Riding Hood.. but surprisingly I found the episode to seem a bit less motivated..

    Some simple things could easily be added besides just turning everything evil.. How about some puzzles here and there? Just a suggestion.. maybe even including the changing of objects with grimm combined with puzzles.. like changing objects in a certain order or something.. if you dont do the puzzle right it changes back to good and you have to start over.. something like that.. just a quick example of something simple.. or even normal types of puzzles not having to do with the whole changing things evil.

    Another suggestion would be to try to integrate the main characters of the story a bit more within the worlds you explore.. so its more like you are accompanying them along their trip.. I know its like this already to an extent.. but I just wish it was a bit more involved with seeing the characters acting out the story rather than just changing the environment and then after you beat the episode see how you changed the story.. I don’t really know how to explain this any better and dont have exact ideas on how to improve this.. but using something other than cut scenes to integrate the actual story telling would be a major addition.. Most of the time the main characters just kinda stand there in the scene together and I am always like.. damn I wish they were doing something more.. I would have liked to see red skipping by me or something and then the wolf pops out and talks to her while you stand near by.. even a cut scene would be fine like this.. but i just wish the scene was going on around you more than it already happening before you get there to change things.. I dont know if i am making any sense.. I just wish the stories and the gameplay were a bit more intertwined some how while you are playing through.

    Can’t wait until the next episode! Even if my comments seem like criticisms.. its not really, its more like feedback to what could be improved upon..

  3. Like Owl_100 it seems the only way for me to play the episodes is during the free 24 hours.
    Sadly, I missed the time for episode two and GameTap refuses to let me pay for it.
    How about those alternate digital distribution channels? Steam would be lovely.

  4. I’ve enjoyed the first two and look forward to the future episodes. I kept waiting for the giant bunny in the second(I think) level to do something. He starts out right behind you and just stays there. The same for the two skeletons in the house behind Grimm at the beginning of the third(I think) level. I like the addition of the coins but I don’t get much out of the gallery. Maybe add the main characters to the gallery or some concept art. Concept art would be cool. Puzzles would be good too during the game play. I love the sound effects like the crumbling bricks and the “Oh no, the nasty man is back!”

    I’m trying to pull myself away from the paradigm of thinking that every game must be challenging. Grimm seems to be a good shift I think. I’m not saying that all games should be like this, but I think the Grimm story makes for a good “fun” style game. Or you could tack on a cheap multiplayer game like every other game seems to do nowadays. No, don’t do that. “Butt-stomping spree!”

    I’m so curious about that picture I saw with the Chinese and Hun soldiers, though. I’m a big Grimm’s Fairy Tales fan, so I’ve been looking through my big book of tales to find out what it could be, because you seemed to be so secretive about it, and now I can’t find the picture. This makes me curiouser and curiouser, but that’s another story…er, game…well, both.

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