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Grimm episodes continue to garner positive praise from reviewers and audiences alike. Erin Bell over at Crispy Gamer especially liked the “Belly of the Wolf” sequence from Episode 2, “Red Riding Hood”, saying:

The scene that takes place inside the wolf after Riding Hood and Granny are swallowed verges on psychedelic as Grimm hops among the wolf’s innards turning everything blotchy shades of fuchsia and purple. There’s a surreal and well-crafted moment where the woodsman’s axe suddenly appears, cleaving downward, and the camera angle shifts to show the woodsman’s face peering in.

And Ian Grundy at Final Boss is mentions his appreciation of some Grimm-inspired gore during his review of Episode 2:

I quite liked part of the last scene as well, in it there are lots of axemen wandering around who serve as the cleaners of the area. If you manage to make one of them evil, he will go on a murderous rampage and axe all the good axemen to death in a shower of gibs that would make John Romero nod vigorously with approval.

Both reviewers also take time to offer constructive criticism towards game mechanics, harder platforming, power-ups, and other elements we know many people are looking for in future episodes of Grimm. To be clear: We ARE integrating these elements into upcoming episodes, but it’s impossible for us to implement these changes overnight. Expect to see incremental improvements to many aspects of the game in future episodes.

On that note, just yesterday the team had a meeting to prioritize and changes from a very specific list of requests and suggestions. For some of the bigger changes, look towards the episodes in the “second group of 8”, and for many of the smaller changes, look to this week’s episode – The Fisherman and His Wife.

“Fishwife” as we like to call it is one of my favorites. The characters and environments are distinct from previous episodes – much of the episode taking place near or on the sea.

Finally, I’m excited to announce that Grimm is now officially available via alternate distribution and download channels (well, one “channel” as of this morning, but more to come). For those of you unable to download from GameTap, please go check out the Grimm, “A Boy Learns What Fear Is” bundled together with “Little Red Riding Hood” available on TryGames.

At TryGames you’ll be able to purchase episodes of Grimm from any country in the world. So, for those of you having trouble access Grimm from overseas – now you have no excuse. Go give it a try!

Also expect more digital distribution partner announcements in the coming days.

7 responses to “Get Grimm – Now on TryGames”

  1. Any chance we’ll be getting a distributor that doesn’t basically screw users stuck with dial-up? I wouldn’t mind being able to download from the library or something and install at home. I understand how that would create piracy issues, so I guess I’m really just wondering if there’s any secure solution at all, short of releasing a disk. I’d rather not wait for it to come to xbox live arcade, since that will probably take forever. At least then I can just take my xbox to a faster connection.

  2. I don’t think digital distribution companies have it in their business plan to “screw users with dial-up”. Their business is built around downloading large amounts of data – so it stands to reason you’d want a fast connection to get the best out of the model. Your logic would imply that motion picture companies are out to “screw blind people”.

    Anyway, it sounds to me like the solution to your problem is to get off the modem and onto some high speed internet. Is there a particular reason you won’t or can’t get high speed access? Most places in the world (even the “3rd world country” of China where I live) have cheap, fast, and readily available internet access.

    You’re right about XBLA – everything we’ve experienced seems to indicate their model for publishing games was invented by dinosaurs.

    And we don’t have plans to release to a box product – you wouldn’t see something like that until after the last episode of Grimm goes live anyway.

    Good luck getting a faster connection!

  3. Sorry if I sounded pissed, man. It wasn’t my intention to imply that the distribution companies did it on purpose. I essentially live in the boonies and there’s only phone lines coming out this far. I suppose I have no valid reason to complain since a satellite ISP would solve my issue, but there’s only three real options for that and all I hear about them is complaints. So, I decided to ask if there were plans for any other method of distribution, but it looks like not. Thanks for taking the time to reply so promptly, man. I know you must be quite busy, so I really appreciate it.

  4. I hate being stuck at work all day
    When I know at home there’s new Grimm to play
    It makes me want to butt stomp away.

    I know, I’m bored. I’m looking forward to the atmosphere of Fishwife. I saw some pictures and it looked really nice. My girlfriend is looking forward to Girl Without Hands. I’m not sure what your American McGee’s Slang would be for that one…GirlHands.

  5. I’m hoping Steam will be added to the list of distribution channels?

    My girlfriend really enjoys this series, but we prefer not to have games through dozens of different services.

    Steam is consolidated and convenient.

  6. Hello from Spain.

    I tried to download the game from TryGames and my NOD32 antivirus System detected two bad alerts : ( So sad, I love Mcgee’s games.

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