Episode 8 – Beauty and the Beast

Grimm Beast

The Nefarious Beast

Woot! Episode 8! The final episode of this first chunk of 8! This time Grimm is visiting the classic tale of “Beauty and the Beast“. And boy is this episode a cool one. First off, it is BIG. Second off, it features a ton of PIRATES. And lastly, did I mention the pirates? Yeah, I know, I know, Disney’s version didn’t have pirates in it. But then, Grimm really likes pirates. (Looking at the P2P networks it seems the pirates like Grimm too!)

Amazing to think we’ve gotten through the first batch of 8 episodes. That’s an episode every week for 8 weeks – 2 months of cool episodic game content. That’s some kinda video game history, right? Hmmm… well… Maybe when we release *another* 8 episodes, and then another.

Speaking of, Grimm’s going on a little break. I can’t say for how long exactly – but more than 1 month, less than 2 months. Then he’ll be back with 8 new episodes, all new game mechanics, power ups, and FUN.

Be sure to check out Episode 8 on GameTap.

6 responses to “Episode 8 – Beauty and the Beast”

  1. What a fun episode!
    I really liked the music changes as the world got darker. Did the other episodes do that or was it new this episode?

    I have a question though, when I have a target to butt-stomp it sometimes takes me 2 or 3 tries to butt-stomp in exactly the right place to kick off the cinematic.
    Are other people seeing this and are there plans to make it better?

  2. Glad you like it. Seems everyone has enjoyed this one a lot.

    All the episodes have light & dark music. Listen more closely?

    Yeah, the buttstomp issue – we’ve fixed it. You’ll see the fix in the upcoming episodes.

  3. I’ve had the butt stomp problem too, but it wasn’t very frequent. What I did get somewhat annoyed with was getting stuck on small in-world objects. When this happened I’d have to take my hands off the keys and then try again, or jump up and down a few times. That’s my only real gripe with the episodes so far. I found myself getting stuck a lot(or Grimm would hesitate by no fault of the computer speed, etc.) in the worlds. That aside, I’ve looked forward to playing the new episodes every Thursday.

  4. I would like to buy two of your newest episode on December and send them as Christmas gifts to my friend and sister. Where can I get them in China market? Have you or your agents had lauched these newest production in China? I’m OK to use USD for purchasing. Many thanks.

  5. Hey is there more than one ending for this episode?

    I’ve beat it but read on CrispyGamers.com about an ending that was significantly different from the one I got (they said the prince remains a beast).

    That said, the dialogue is hysterical and crashing a wedding with a flying pirate ship never gets old. Bravo!

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