Birth of a Titan

From GameDaily: Epic Games China announced today the opening of Titan Studios. This Seattle-based subsidiary is designed to use Unreal Engine 3 for original titles and support partners using Epic Games China’s outsourcing services. Titan Studios is currently working on multiple Unreal Engine 3-based projects, including an MMO. Titan’s first project is called Fat Princess; the game was announced for PSN during Sony’s keynote at E3 earlier this year. The studio is run by my good friend Paul Meegan, and I’m wishing him and his team the best of luck!

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  1. Is this a ‘for real’ complaint against the premise of FP? I mean, I’ve read the posts, had a few laughs, but ultimately assumed this was a clever way of getting people to talk about the game, “Oh, look! It’s pissing off the feminists.” I mean, there could be a giant tome on all the things in video games that might piss off women, children, men, boys, dogs, space aliens, etc, etc. Is THIS particular design decision THAT bad?

    And even if it is… It’s doing what all “good” hooks should – causing people to talk about the game.

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