Grimm Episode 11 – King Midas



This week brings us one of my favorite Episodes from Grimm – “King Midas”. In this tale Grimm visits a classic Greek myth and the world it inhabits. We meet Gods, Kings, and Fools. And best of all – Grimm’s dark power takes on a special “shine”.

As David Craddock over at Big Download describes it: Once Midas is given his golden touch, though, things become more entertaining. Trading dirt and corruption for every woman’s best friend (next to chocolate, of course), the player, through control of Grimm, does King Midas’s work for him. Objects and NPCs turn to gold as you pass them by, with objects such as leaves and boats crashing to the ground or bubbling to the seafloor due to their increase weight. In an odd twist for the series, climbing to a high vantage point and looking down at your handiwork is quite striking instead of depressing.

On a less than golden note: It appears the Chinese government has blocked Flickr and some other US sites this morning – so I’m unable to upload a new image to accompany this post.


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  1. When I saw you were doing King Midas I couldn’t wait. The Midas Touch is one of my favorite tales, and it seemed to me that Grimm had is own version of the Midas touch.

    The gold added a unique challenge, whether intenional or not, to the pee jumps. I had to be a lot more careful with the aim as I could barely see the yellow against the gold.

    I also liked that you used the whole myth instead of just starting at the wish like most versions.

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