Where is Alice 3? – Will there be an Alice 3? – New Alice? – Alice Sequel?

“Where is Alice 3” “Where’s the new Alice game?” “Will there be an Alice 3” “Alice Remaster!”

I get this question constantly. Several times per day. Across YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and via my InReach satellite messenger. My dog has even learned how to ask this question via Morse code farts.

My hope is that this post will become the top search result for this question on Google and that you’ve arrived here after a Google search. Reading this, you won’t need to send a message to me directly asking any of these questions. That would be great.

So, to answer the question:

1. EA own, control, and decide the fate of the game rights to Alice. That means any new game must be green-lit, funded, produced, published, and distributed by them.

2. No, EA will NOT allow me (or anyone else) to crowd fund, raise investment for, or otherwise self-develop, self-fund, or self-publish any interactive version of Alice.

3. I HAVE NO CONTROL over the Alice rights, EA’s decision-making process, or anything at all related to Alice, Alice merchandise, Alice adaptations, etc, etc.

4. EA are aware that you’d like a new Alice game and that RJ Berg and I would be happy to assist in the design, writing, and development of such. We simply need to wait until EA think the time is right for a new game.

5. There probably WILL BE another Alice game before we all die, but your requests, ideas, and harebrained schemes to make that happen faster should be sent to EA, not me.

6. No, I cannot put you in touch with “that person” at EA. Tweet at them. That’s what I do.

7. Please, stop asking me this question or questions in general related to a new Alice game. Again, I have no more control over this situation than you do. Tweet at EA.

Hope that clears that up.

Update (September 4th, 2017): I’ve decided to build a pitch for ALice 3. Add your name to the Mailing List to show your support for a new project. I can’t promise the pitch will result in a new game, but we might as well try, right? Also, this really doesn’t change any of the points above. And this would have nothing to do with a re-master or re-release of the previous games. SIGN UP HERE.

While we’re on the topic of Alice, many of you write expressing your confusion about Alice: Otherlands. That project used the Alice FILM rights, which are not controlled by EA, and was funded via Kickstarter. All goals were achieved and all rewards delivered. If you’d like more info on this film/animation project, please check out the Kickstarter page.

NO, I do not have a demo of Madness Returns. I don’t have access to any of the removed content. And I am VERY frustrated with the small group of fanatic trolls who continue to bring up this topic and pester me with questions about it. Please, stop. At this point, I’ve begun blocking any person who persists in questioning me on this topic, so you’ve been warned.

Last thing: I REALLY appreciate the passion everyone has for the Alice series. I want to see a new game as much as you do. Apologies if this message comes out sounding frustrated or angry, but the amount of traffic I get on these questions literally impedes my ability to put effort towards new ideas and new projects. I don’t want to ignore the questions, but I do wish the volume would lessen. I appreciate your understanding.

PS: If you want official merchendise and Alice-inspired stuff, check out Mysterious.

PPS: “Out of the Woods” is my NEW GAME! A table top card game, illustrated book, coloring book and collection of art prints inspired by ten classic fairy tales. You should back it on Kickstarter because doing so will make EA think more about a new Alice game!

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  1. I wish you had more control over the games and when they came out. I agree with you that the series should be a sequel. I wasn’t able to offer any help on kickstarter for the shorts in Otherland cause by the time I found out they were already being produced. But I’d be willing to fork money over to get a third game.
    The series so far was fantastic. It renewed my love for those old series of novels as well as offered an amazing look at it. I love the griddy and dark look at the text and it would be fantastic to see Alice going into other worlds (moreso them the shorts). I fully get McGee can’t actually do anything about it cause licensing is the worst invention when it comes to creativity but I can only hope that we actually get to see a third game. Or at least a long movie about it. Either way the story needs to go on. The First was great. The second was better. The third can only be better. Here’s to hoping EA makes a move before I get to old to play.
    Now to get my hands on some merchandise that I never got.

  2. It is unfortunate that people keep pestering you for something beyond your control. I feel for you man that you’ve had to be annoyed about this for so long.

    But there are some things I wonder about. It’s not like EA owns Alice In Wonderland, right? And it’s not like EA has some kind of patent on video games based on Alice In Wonderland either because there are other Alice In Wonderland games outthere. (If you search “Alice” on the Steam, the first page of results alone has at least 7 different games that are Alice based or inspired)

    So I guess the point I’m trying to get to here is…. as powerless as you are to create Alice 3 without EA’s approval, EA is just as powerless to stop you from making a completely different game based on Alice In Wonderland. So, whatever it is you would do with Alice 3, just make it as a new game that is not officially connected to the EA-owned Alice. Even if you have to distance it from Alice In Wonderland altogether by renaming the characters and locations, you could still make the game one way or another.

    Remember, what fans are so passionate about when it comes to “American McGee’s Alice” is the American McGee part and style, not so much that it is specially about Alice In Wonderland. So if you were to Kickstart a completely new game, (whether or not it’s connected to Alice In Wonderland by name, or even if it’s a morbid take on a completely different fairy tale) I think you will find that people are totally down for that either way.

  3. I signed an agreement with EA to never do anything related with Alice outside of the IP I created with them.
    Seriously, if it was that easy, don’t you think I’d have done it already.
    While I appreciate the creativity you might put into trying to find a way around the problem, I’d appreciate if you’d consider the fact I’ve been trying to solve that problem on my own for quite a while.
    So, again, please, just send your messages to EA. Thanks.

  4. […] American McGee ha escrito una nueva entrada en su blog personal tras la insistencia de los seguidores solicitando el desarrollo de una tercera entrega de Alice. McGee ha explicado que está fuera de todas sus posibilidades el poder desarrollarlo de manera independiente ya que los derechos del juego pertenecen a Electronics Arts y es a la compañía a quien deben dirigirse dichas peticiones. Recordemos que la última entrega de Alice llegó en el 2011 con Madness Returns y desde entonces no se ha vuelto a saber de un futuro desarrollo y por el momento parece que deberemos esperar. A continuación os dejamos el enlace a la entrada del blog completo. […]

  5. I apologize for asking what might be a ridiculous question, but if EA controls the rights, how we’re the 2 shorts that make up Alice: Otherlands possible? Or is it that EA is only in control of a game aspect?
    If that’s the case, are you open to making more Alice Shorts, or other likewise products? Comics, short videos, even a table top game would all be great ways to progress the story even more. I liked the two shorts that came out and would love to see more.

  6. Perhaps re-read the post you’re commenting on? Specifically the portion regarding the Alice FILM rights.

  7. On kickstarter page, it says that the “long term goal will be the development and production of a feature length film version of Alice’s story”. As for the episodes – the concept arts suggest at least 10 of them. Could you tell us how is the development of Otherlands going and when can we expect new content?

  8. The “Pitch” section of the campaign says you can expect “an animation” – meaning one (1). We delivered two, which was what the remaining campaign money allowed for. Keep in mind 100k went to a 12-month option on the film rights which has since expired. We continue working with potential writers, directors, and financiers to get the project off the ground, but it’s a difficult battle. You should have no expectation of new content without fresh funding. Full details of these things can be found on the Kickstarter page and in the numerous updates which were shared while the project was live.

  9. Dear American,

    I am very thankful for your efforts and hard work creating these epic games and as a fan of your work I’m really looking forward for any news about the 3rd installment. I really, really want it to happen, since I played days long with the first 2 games. However, I understand your frustration about this whole fuss for the next game. I really wish EA would also see the amazing things about Alice, so you could agree with them and make it. I’m sure, you are full of cool ideas and I can’t wait to see them come true. Please, don’t take this message as pestering or something, I just wanted you to let it know, that we are patiently waiting for any positive happening. I know, you are doing your best without any rest, but sometimes big companies decisions can be weird. If Alice 3 can’t be a thing, it won’t be you, who will disappoint us – most probably you would be the most disappointed. Oh, and the idea of a full-lenght movie is really nice! Would watch it definitely. I love the story, the twists, the characters, I think it could be a great movie material.
    So, keep it up and thank you again 🙂 You are awesome!

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