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Anger > Bargaining

Enemies: Card Guard, Maze Creatures

Weapons: Vorpal Blade, Timeclock, Long Range Shooting

Upgrades: acquiring Long Range shooting

Outfits: Ash Dress, Red Dress

What player learns: At this point, the player knows all the mechanics.

Transition: Denial → Anger will be a Horror house ride that will open once and to revisit Denial there will be a separate station.


Speculated map for Queensland

Anger is the fourth stage of grief (Slumber > Shock > Denial > Anger) Alice confronts. The Queen of Hearts who resides at the center of Wonderland in the Chaos “sun” represents anger.

A central hub around which the remaining domains orbit is a mass of fire, wreckage, and confusion. From here, the Queen of Hearts is attempting to regain control of Wonderland through use of anger, violence, and power.

The Queen of Hearts believes the Red Queen is responsible for the destruction of Wonderland and that Alice is one of her allies.

She agrees to spare Alice’s life on the condition Alice will… (Steal something from; murder the; take something to)… The Red Queen.

This necessitates Alice acquiring an Inner Compass (to navigate Wonderland) and meet with The Mad Hatter (who can weaponize/repair the Jabberwocky).


Atmosphere image for Queensland

Alice arrives at Queensland in the midst of battle, the chess soldiers are fighting off the Queen's soldiers.

Alice must fight with the chess soldiers into the castle, to its dungeons in order to break apart the great machine that creates the metal versioned card guards.

The queen harnessed the sun and is using its energy to create the soldiers. They must disarm the great machine or otherwise there will be too many soldiers to fight off.

Alice meets the Knave of hearts, at the beginning he is pretending to be a friend, he looks harmless, like a boy but eventually he shows his true face and Alice must fight him.

Alice and the Queen of hearts will have a boss fight, but at the end of the stage, Rabbit is captured. (ALTERNATIVELY, disappear and the Queen will blame the Red Queen for his kidnapping) The Queen of Hearts will keep the White Rabbit hostage until Alice completes the task she gives her.

Alice must first acquire The Inner Compass, which will guide her across the wastelands to her goal (Red Chess domain). The Queen of Hearts knows this item is with the Mad Hatter and sends Alice there to retrieve it.

She gives Alice a gift/perhaps a vial and commands Alice give this to Hatter. Asked if it will kill him - “No, it will ensure he lives forever, even if he’s blown to bits like our Wonderland.

Alice is shrunk Or tossed towards the Hatter's realm with the explanation that the Queen already sent soldiers and minions there but no one survived the trip back to give her what she needs.

The Hatter is the only one who can weaponize the Jabberwocky. The way to get to the hatter's domain is through a station hidden in the Royal Forest. Alice gets there and it's more of a dream sequence, everything is getting darker, she gets on the train and the track is broken at some point. She will have to walk it by foot.

Story Notes

The theme of Anger must be reinforced throughout this area. Alice's actions won't always make sense - driven by anger, she's unable to think clearly or logically. Weave some of the following ideas into her movements, actions, and story...

Senseless killing: Disregard for "sides" in the battle so that Alice kills Chess Pieces (supposed allies) and Card Guards with equal impunity.

Meaningless sacrifice: Sent on a mission to save a Chess Piece from the dungeon - find a way to fail at that mission through lack of concern.

Defeat through Anger: Alice needs to loss the fight against the Queen in this round.

Anger inducing elements: How to make Player feel the emotion this level is meant to represent without giving up on the game? For example:A cannon on a castle wall which lobs shots at Alice throughout the level... increases player's feeling of anger as the level progresses.

Blind Fury: Find a way to represent anger as a blinding force - how to obscure Alice's view of the world so that critical elements are ignored? But in a way that Player willingly makes sacrifices those elements for some perceived benefit?

Heart pounding, Adrenaline rushing, Shaking, Lack of control... All elements of the Flight or Fight (Anger) response. How to capture these concepts in Alice's actions, dialog, and responses?


Puzzle work, slash and collect things.

Also the Queen's boss fight will happen twice but at the second run Alice will win. Also on the second version the player will see that the original queen is only a Dummy controlled by the Anger Monster which is a tentacle mess holding the queen on one of its arms. This realm will be visited twice story wise.

There will be a boss fight at the Courthouse with the Judgment monster, it will rule that Alice is guilty and will send her to Croak – Croquet fields to be beheaded.


Concepts pending. Castle of hearts, Croquet Grounds, Courthouse, Royal Forest, Optional, A Graveyard.

A Maze
Royal Forest
Croquet Grounds; will be randomized around the castle.
Castle of Hearts
General Speculated Map of Queensland
Dungeons under the castle
Interior parts of the castle, hallway as an example
The Sun as the machinery to create card guards
The Courthouse
Throne Room, will be visited twice
The Throne Room


Ash Dress
The Red Dress


Queen of Hearts
Card guards are imprisoned and turned into a mechanical fire killing machines using the sun's fire.
The Knave of Hearts
The Anger Monster
Judgment Boss, fight at the courthouse.