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Anger > Bargaining

Enemies: Card Soldiers, Maze creatures

Weapons: Vorpal Blade, Time clock, Long Range Shooting

Upgrades: acquiring Long Range shooting

Outfits: Ash Dress, Ball gown

What player learns: At this point, the player knows all the mechanics.

Transition: Denial → Anger will be a Horror house ride that will open once and to revisit Denial there will be a separate statio


Atmosphere image for Queensland

Anger is the fourth stage of Grief Alice confronts and is represented by the Queen of Hearts who resides at the center of Wonderland in the Chaos “sun.” This central hub around which the remaining domains orbit is a mass of fire, wreckage, and confusion. From here, the Queen of Hearts is attempting to regain control of Wonderland through use of anger, violence, and power. She commands The Jabberwock and uses him to terrorize and incinerate her foes.

The Queen of Hearts believes the Red Queen is responsible for the destruction of Wonderland and that Alice is one of her allies. She agrees to spare Alice’s life on the condition Alice will… (Steal something from; murder the; take something to)… The Red Queen


At the end of the stage Alice will be captured. The Queen of Hearts will keep the White Rabbit hostage until Alice completes the task she gives her. Alice must first acquire The Inner Compass, which will guide her across the wastelands to her goal (Queen of Hearts domain). The Queen of Hearts knows this item is with the Mad Hatter and sends Alice there to retrieve it. She gives Alice a gift and commands Alice give this to Hatter. Asked if it will kill him - “No, it will ensure he lives forever, even if he’s blown to bits like our Wonderland…


Puzzle work, slash and collect things.


Concepts pending. Castle of hearts, Croquet Grounds, Courthouse, Royal Forest, Optional, A Graveyard.

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Ash Dress
The Red Dress


Queen of hearts