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The cat’s character is framed as Alice’s sometime guide and sounding board. He’s willing to give voice to the doubts and fears that she’s unable to express. In the tri-partite role of helper, guide, and sub-conscience, his is the most important voice in the game.

He’s not really courageous enough to suggest rash risk. By turns cynical/sarcastic/distant/philosophical/earnest he’s tried to blend into the radically altered Wonderland. Still he renders Alice invaluable service, all the while trying to keep himself out of harm’s way.

He needs (feeds off) Alice’s physical, mental, emotional, and moral energy. He has his own agenda—which, of course, is actually hers—from a different angle. He’ll help her in her “quest” to find the truth, as long as it doesn’t interfere with his own business, and his plans to employ her to achieve his goals. It’s all about him—he’s a cat after all—and they’re not known for altruism.

One of the roles (in many guises/voices) is helping Alice—to navigate the world, to recognize her “problem,” understand its development and resolve it.

He will:

  1. Give her a useful view of her situation
  2. Recognize trauma to release it
  3. Help her develop self confidence to relieve it
  4. Help her understand the traumatic event—resulting misfortune
  5. Help to convince her that she is the sufferer NOT cause of suffering.


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