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The Harvest Dress, also referred to as the "Death Dress", is based on what would possibly be the dress worn in the world that is controlled by the Jabberwock, aligned with death.


Dress Symbols

  • Lead – Ruler of Law; represents matter taking priority over mind & spirit.
  • Chaos – Disorder; represents the principle becoming disruptive and breaking the laws of order.


Loosely based on Alice's classic blue dress, the Harvest Dress has a black Alice silhouette with puffed up sleeves, a crew necked bodice with stitching which is tied at the waist with a loose v-shaped sash on which the alchemy symbol for Lead is affixed. She has an a-line skirt shape made from feathery layers of overlapping pointed fabric scraps that finishes off the dress as a whole. On her hands she wears black gloves that extend past her wrists and at her throat the silver Chaos necklace is present. Underneath the dress she wears black tights and platform Gothic style boots, complete with a multitude of straps.

In its ‘Chaos’ mode, Alice's appearance becomes much more malicious and distorted. Alice's face becomes gaunt and deathly pale with sunken-in cheekbones and horrific white eyes. Her mouth is black and oozing. The once matte dress becomes a shiny, slimy black and resembling the ‘Ruin’ from Alice: Madness Returns. The black slime drips from her sleeves and neckline, down to the layered fabric skirt that naturally flows and bleeds onto the floor as she floats about the field. Her gloves transform into nothing but the shiny ooze and crawls up onto her arms. Her limbs have become more skeletal, her waist almost non-existent, earning this dress the nickname: the Death Dress.


  • The dress would possibly be worn during the final boss fight.
  • This dress may also lead forward to the ‘Ruin’ as an enemy in the future of the story. While in the ‘Chaos’ mode, the black slime dripping off the dress could escape and otherwise become its own entity perhaps leading the Ruin in Alice: Madness Returns.

Developer Notes

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