Mad Hatter

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What once were habits now are vices. It was always time for tea at the Hatter’s place. And a wacky little tea party, all in good fun, was just the thing. Now, the tables have been turned; someone(s) else is pouring.

The mechanical obsessions have turned ugly. His undernourished physique is initially in parts, and putting him together does not call on his best “side.” No longer in the Queen’s service his personality is less obvious. His memory isn’t everything it might be.

Still; he knows a lot; helps a lot. Has his own pride. A sort of know-it-all; bit of a blow-hard; sententious; not senile . Recognises Alice as a means to an end.

Understands what she wants; misleads her to his advantage; frightens her and then feels bad about it. A manipulator; but not evil.


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