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"Tentacles make everything better."
- American McGee

The Mercury Dress is a general concept dress based on the physical and literal traits of the element, mercury.


Dress Symbols

  • Mercury – Ruler of Travel; represents the Mad Hatter.


Influenced by the physical properties of the element Mercury, the dress itself is made out of the liquid metal. Featuring a uniquely designed silver dress bearing one shoulder sleeve and vein like strips that seem to go into her arms. Her boots become tall white & buckled with a chromatic sole along with white and silver lining leggings. Instead of the regular alchemy symbols on the dress, the symbol for Mercury takes the form of a pendant on the neckline of the dress. The main eye-catcher is the liquid silver tentacle-like frills that would move on their own, dripping mercury as you move and fight your way through Wonderland. A beautiful and deadly dress.


  • Mercury is highly poisonous is the only metallic element that is liquid in its normal state.
  • While still a general concept, this dress will most likely be a collectible DLC dress or unlockable in-game. More info to come soon and more work will progress.

Developer Notes

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