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  • Alice as Art

    Bird Bookshelf Many years after its release people are still talking about the artistic nature of the original Alice game. Here’s an article discussing the literary merits of the product (alongside a list of other good lit adaptations): Games Radar Top 7 Games Based on Books

  • Return of Alice (Video Madness)

    Snail Fight! Here’s the official statement regarding the “Return of Alice” video which was being presented at www.returnofalice.com Yesterday, a few sites picked up a video of Alice made by one of our fans and confused it as an official trailer of Alice 2. I wanted to clear up any confusion – as I mentioned…

  • Teargas and Plateglass

    While working on the Alice sequel during pre-production I’ve been listening to a wide range of music. And one group that has an especially “Alice” tone about them (at least in relation to what I’m thinking about for the new game) is “Teargas and Plateglass”. You can read more and check out their latest album…

  • EA Partners Interview

    “David DeMartini On Biz, Alice, More”, a mention of the new Alice in there: Read on Gamasutra

  • Official AP Story/Interview

    If you want a little more info about the Alice sequel, read the AP story by Derrik Lang over on Yahoo! News.

  • The Return of Alice

    Waking up in Shanghai this morning I’m greeted with a flood of emails, facebook messages, and phone calls. The world now knows what we here at Spicy Horse have known for some time: We’re making a sequel to “American McGee’s Alice” with Electronic Arts (EAP to be exact).