8 thoughts on “Alice as Art”

  1. no, not at all
    i don’t think that emotions are that simple, you can love and hate someone at the same time.. so i can find it silly and love it still, a bookshelf attacking… so.. heavy!

  2. Alice should have won. & “The Path” should have made that list too.

  3. Oh yeah, can you pretty please post a close-up of the tiny storyboard of Alice attacking the cupboard? That’s so cute ^.^

  4. Oh I love the design, I can’t wait to see it in action!^^
    Thanks for teasing..erm, I mean updating us!! 😀

  5. ..Um..What i’ve Gained Out Of This is That The Bookshelf Either Attacks YOU,Or You Attack The Bookshelf,Knocking The Winged-Skulls Off of It And Kill THOSE. Then Use The Flying Bookcase For Other Purposeses??

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