Alice as Art

Bird Bookshelf

Bird Bookshelf

Many years after its release people are still talking about the artistic nature of the original Alice game. Here’s an article discussing the literary merits of the product (alongside a list of other good lit adaptations): Games Radar Top 7 Games Based on Books

8 responses to “Alice as Art”

  1. no, not at all
    i don’t think that emotions are that simple, you can love and hate someone at the same time.. so i can find it silly and love it still, a bookshelf attacking… so.. heavy!

  2. Alice should have won. & “The Path” should have made that list too.

  3. Oh yeah, can you pretty please post a close-up of the tiny storyboard of Alice attacking the cupboard? That’s so cute ^.^

  4. Oh I love the design, I can’t wait to see it in action!^^
    Thanks for teasing..erm, I mean updating us!! 😀

  5. ..Um..What i’ve Gained Out Of This is That The Bookshelf Either Attacks YOU,Or You Attack The Bookshelf,Knocking The Winged-Skulls Off of It And Kill THOSE. Then Use The Flying Bookcase For Other Purposeses??

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