Category: Sailing

  • Pirate Jam – All the Videos!

    Pirate Jam – All the Videos!

    Six developers from around the world are sailing aboard two boats from Lanta to Krabi in Thailand. Along the way they’re exploring, sailing, and making games.

  • American’s Vlogs

    American’s Vlogs

    I’ve started a series of personal VLOGS which cover life in Shanghai, sailing in Thailand, my work at Mysterious, and Pirate Jam.

  • Closure of Shanghai Studio, Start of New Adventures

    Closure of Shanghai Studio, Start of New Adventures

    10 years, 10 games, tons of wonderful memories. The Shanghai studio of Spicy Horse Games is closing its doors. The company itself will remain intact, and we’ll continue to operate existing games online.

  • Dev Armada – A Proposal

    Seeking feedback on an idea I’m brainstorming: Hackathon + Sailing + YouTube

  • Adventures in Sailing

    When not making games I engage in a wide range of hobbies, mostly as a humble dilettante: cooking, cello, electronics tinkering, and Chinese language to name a few. By far my favorite activity outside of work is sailing, and since late 2013 I’ve indulged this passion aboard my own sailboat. Details of my various adventures…