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  • Design Bible Pages – WEAPONS!

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  • 2023 – “Alice: Asylum” Pitching Begins

    Dear Insane Children,  This is the start of the Next Phase of our effort to get “Alice: Asylum” funded and into development.  This is “The Pitching Phase.” And above is the first email of 2023 sent out to the first on a list of potential investors and publishers. We’ll send people on that list the […]

  • Art Print Selection, First Half Of 2023

    Dear Insane Children, Font Lord here once again with the hardest question you get asked twice a year, “What prints will we have as the next Patreon rewards?” Please cast your eyeballs further down to the NINETEEN choices we have and let us know what are your top 6.(We have no way to limit your […]

  • Happy New Year 2023

    Dear Insane Children,  Happy New Year to all! I hope everyone had a great start to the year. And I am excited for what’s in store for us in the Year of the Rabbit.  We had a pretty painful end of year at my house. Everyone got Covid. Myself, Yan, Lucky, Leeloo, Yan’s mom, probably […]

  • 2022 in Review, 2023 In Our Sights – Alice: Asylum Pre-Production

    Hi everyone,Alex here wishing you all the best wherever you are in the world. Heads up. This is the longest post we’ve ever created.With so much to cover across the movement in the Alice project, this will be highly detailed. Lots of written updates concerning recent meetings, lots of new artwork, as well as new […]

  • Christmas in China (and everyone’s getting Covid)

    Dear Insane Children,  Apologies for the recent radio silence. Things have been… interesting… here.  China finally dropped its Zero Covid policies. And they did it in full Leroy Jenkins style. Kinda crazy… one day, we’re all lining up to do testing; using QR codes to enter buildings; living in constant fear of being thrown in […]