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  • Post Patreon FAQ V2

    Dear Insane Children,  FontLord here again with some more info and some more answers. The $1 Hibernation Tier is now active.If you are interested in still accessing the Discord and/or sending messages to this Patreon page, please move over to this tier.This will be the one and only tier in the not too distant future. […]

  • So what’s next? And the Answers to your questions..

    Hi Everyone, FontLord here.Just wanted to also give a huge amount of love and hugs to everyone that joined us on this journey.  Not the result we wanted but boy did we have fun, made some great friends, saw some amazing art and nailed down one hell of a story   🙂   But some of […]

  • End of the Adventure

    Dear Insane Children, Over the past few years, your support has made possible a constant stream of creative output by a team of artists, writers, designers, modelers, and producers. That output resulted in the “Alice: Asylum” Design Bible – a 414pg PDF containing the complete vision for a 3rd Chapter in Alice’s video game adventures. […]

  • Alice: Asylum Design Bible v1.0 PDF • FREE DOWNLOAD • Development Partner Announcement

    Legal Notice Electronic Arts require us to display regarding Alice: Asylum and our efforts towards this project: The Design Bible v1.0 PDF Document, the Patreon, and the Alice: Asylum project are not affiliated with or endorsed by Electronic Arts (EA). Hello to our Insane Children, Patreon Supporters, and fans of American McGee’s Alice worldwide. The […]

  • Design Bible Update v1.0 (We’re ALMOST ready!)

    Hi everyone, Alex here with what I believe will be our last big update on the Alice: Asylum Design Bible before we pull the trigger on it for a public release in the coming weeks. This will come alongside what I expect is some big news we can finally share with you. But before we do, we’ll […]

  • Art Prints 2023 (First Half)

    Dear Insane Children, Font Lord here with the results of the poll for the next set of 6 art prints. Once again, some shocks here as to what did make it and what didn’t.Very surprised at how low “Hatter Defeated” scored.  I really liked that one  ?But there’s got to be winners and losers. So, […]